Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Blogversary Win

A few weeks ago, Edgar over at Blacksheep's Bit of the Web had his 9th Blogversary Give Away. I was lucky enough to have the one of his pups pick my name!

Edgar sent a wonderful package to show me what I am missing by NOT being in San Francisco. Next time I'm on the west coast...San Francisco WILL be a destination!

Ghirardelli Chocolates, Noe Valley coffee, Dianda's pastries, and an
amazing coffee mug from Starbucks!

The cookies....yummy! Most had a hint of lemon!
I was so amazed at the goodies he sent. I've not used the coffee mug for coffee. It is perfect for dinner of chili though! lol If you notice on the has the Golden Gate bridge and the skyline on it. I still have a few chocolates...which is beyond belief if you know the chocolate hound I  am. The cookies were delightful. Light, lemony, soft, and smooth. Not sure if Edgar knew I loved Italian food or I just got lucky. Can't speak for the coffee though...that falls under the men in my house. As soon as they brew it...I will have my very first cup of (sober) coffee. ;) We are not speaking of the time I had the other 3 cups of coffee in my life. Um, I barely remember them.

Had a surprise visit from my niece and nephews. Haven't seen them much this year. So, I grabbed the camera to commemorate the occasion.

Bryce -- will be 3 this fall

Alivia - 6 in August

Garin -- OMG...10 this fall
 Stitching has taken another slow down...library projects have taken precedence. One project at a time.

Until next time...enjoy the locust....


Maggee said...

Hey congrats on the win from Edgar! But please don't call our city San Fran! Ick! I have been back at my genealogy, dabbling a little here and there. Ultimately, all I want to do is find ONE connection and then scan everything for the next generations. That should keep me busy for a year or two! Hugs!

paula said...

WOW . . ALivia has really grown up. I remember her when she was born :)

Robin in Virginia said...

Denise, congratulations on the giveaway win. What a lovely assortment of goodies you received! Your niece and nephews are adorable and are growing up. Enjoy your day!

gracie said...

Congratulations on the win and lovely package. Oh those children are adorable....hope you get back to some spare time soon.

CalamityJr said...

What lovely gifts. Edgar always sends the nicest peeks into life in San Francisco. Somehow I've missed that we're on the same page with coffee until now!

The young'uns look great. Garin looks so grown up and Alivia is such a cutie. Bryce still looks all onery little boy! Bet momma has her hands full :o). So glad they surprised you.