Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Finally, A Place to Put Them!

Last fall I found a cabinet for my Willow Tree figurines. DH wasn't able to see the cabinet for another 2 days. By that time - it was sold. But, I left my name and number with the sales clerk and the owner called me a few weeks ago. This was delivered Sunday. 

It makes me smile every time I see it. Finally, I can see these as they should be - displayed properly! If you would like to have Joeleen restore a piece for you - goto http://www.revivalrestorationco.com/ She has stores in Coshocton, Ohio and North Carolina!

On the stitching front - it's all Mary Jane's fault!! She emailed me and made the comment that she would be hard pressed to wait until Colorful Sky was completed before starting Naturistic. She loved the blues and purples as much as I did. Well, I hadn't given it any thought to start the new project. I just thought I would rush through Colorful Sky and be thrilled to start Naturistic.

Then I got to thinking. And twitching. And then stitching. I'm blaming Mary Jane and that's my story - I'm sticking to it! (As if anyone would have to hogtie me and say I had to start this. lol)

Ten days and I've done a page and a half. Normally, it would take about a month per page. This is a wonderful stitch. The colors are clumpy. You get to change colors so not to be bored, but there are enough stitches together to really fly.

I'm stitching so much that my arthritis is flaring some. But, I don't care. Insomnia be damned - I'm stitching at night before bed. If my poor husband wants to see me - head to the stitching room.

We got snow last night! The weathermen had called for 8-12". We got an extremely wet 4-5" This is snowball fighting and snowman making snow! The dog (and my mother) hate it. lololol Finally, now we can head into spring and I'm good. It's wonderful that that is my attitude as the temperatures are to be in the 50's this weekend. :)

Well, schools are closed and that means I didn't have to go to the genealogy library today. Snow day! I'm heading for the shower and the stitchy chair! Woohoo



CalamityJr said...

I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not in the least bit! Enjoy your stitching while your beautiful angels smile at you.

Cindy's Stitching said...

very pretty

Robin in Virginia said...

Your cabinet is gorgeous and I know you are thrilled to have your figurines on display. Great start on Naturistic! We had snow, but it wasn't good for packing snowballs. Enjoy your snow day!

Maggee said...

What a beautiful cabinet! It IS a perfect place for your Willow Tree figurines! Not to worry about starting another BAP... lots of us have more than project going at the same time... perhaps we all have Stitchers OCD!! Whatever the reason, it makes us happy and we end up with several masterpieces! As soon as I finish a bit more stuff, I am starting the Cardinals one!! Got the pattern and fabric, just need to pull threads! YOURS was my inspiration! And now I have the Bluebirds too! Yikes! Hugs!

Linda said...

Your cabinet is lovely Denise. I love your new start. It is really pretty.


Unknown said...

Your cabinet is beautiful and perfect. What a great new start - those colors are beautiful. You have made great progress.

Justine said...

Great progress on your new start...it was obviously meant to be! Arthritis and insomnia aren't going to stop you either. It's lovely.

Natasha said...

Your new cabinet is awesome.

Your WIP is coming along nicely, I am glad it is stitching up quickly for you..... Enjoy your warm(ish) weather finally spring is on the way!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your cabinet is lovely and beautifully curated too. Mine would be full of random stuff that just ended up there!
Great start on your new piece with its lovely blues too.
It's always nice to have an unexpected day off too, hope you made the most of it!