Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pitter Patter...

That's my little heart going pitter patter. Thank you for your care, concern, and wisdom! Hearing your voices as you left your comments on my last post makes me glad to be part of this little community we call bloggerville.

I hear you - stitching is a hobby to be enjoyed. It is not a sin to put a project down or abandon it. Life is too short. If I insist on continuing this stitch - take 15 minutes a day or even one strand of floss as a time. It will get done. Thank you for reminding me to get out of my own head and enjoy myself.

As for the other part of my last post. The situation is the same. However, my reaction to this has changed some. I don't entirely believe in coincidences. But, when they happen - I take it as the universe telling me to pay attention.

The other day I stumbled upon an article written by Lacey Johnson titled "The Two Types of People to Eliminate from Your Life Forever." Go here to read the entire article. She calls them the 'dream killers' and the 'crazy makers'.  The dream killers are the people who throw a wet blanket on your party -- All. The. Time. And the crazy makers - well, they are 'so high up in the tornado of their chaos, their feet never touch the ground.' The most striking two sentences in the whole article for me were - Every day spent tolerating bad behavior is a day you betray yourself.  And - It is not your responsibility to remedy anyone else's overdose of anything. Seriously, take a minute to go read the article. It will give you something to think about.

Still living with insomnia. Lovely thing...if only I could clean the house now while everyone is asleep. I make too much noise. Something about the vacuum running at 2 am annoys them. Go figure. I should stitch, but sitting under my Ott light only wakes me up more. sigh...

Life is good except for the hiccup mentioned above. DH is working through the winter and as a crane operator that isn't always guaranteed. DD is in her last semester of school. In May she will be an R-RT. (I think that's what she said) A certified Radiology Tech. And DS - he graduated with his bachelor's degree just before Christmas. Now for grad schools. Michigan University and John Hopkins here is the US and London School of Economics in England. There is another school he is most interested in, but momma is sticking her head in the sand with that one and praying for a school in the US to come through with a fellowship or something to keep him here.

On Tuesday, the most unexpected thing happened to me. A lady I work with at the genealogy library gave me 48 books for my library. Volumes on Amish genealogy, atlases, cemetery-marriage-indexes-birth records - all books on genealogy. How in the world are the two little words 'thank-you' ever going to convey my deepest gratitude? Somehow - I will find a way for her to know how much she means to me.

Life is good here in Ohio - and I am hoping beyond hope - that the weathermen are wrong. This winter storm needs to come up into Ohio and dump 12-18" of snow here - NYC, DC, PA, VA, WV - they don't want it. I'll take it here - the last big snow we had was about 7-8" in 2009. (I think that was the year) We're due. Boston can't have it all!! :)

Time to go get some hot chocolate and maybe head back to bed.
Sleep tight everyone. And once again - thank you for being here for me to vent. I truly appreciate your time and patience with me.



gracie said...

The blogging world is truly full of friends. I will definitely read the entire article, thanks for the link. What a great addition to your library.

Robin in Virginia said...

Wow, what a gift (the books) to receive! I know you are thrilled. Well, this gal wants the snow in Virginia and then perhaps I will send it your way. Thank you for the link to the article. Thinking of you and hope you get out of insomnia land soon!

Maggee said...

Well, I hope you get the snow...seeing as how no one else seems to want it or need it! I think Boston still has heaps of last years somewhere! What a treasure to receive 48 genealogy books!! wow! In regards to stitching, 'inch by inch wins the race' seems to apply here. Hugs!

Melinda Forbes said...

This was a great article. Thank you so much for sharing - I forwarded it to my daughters. And also made me reflect on who am I - hoping I do not exhibit those characteristics.

What a wonderful gift given to you at the most perfect of times.

Also congrats on the success of your children - As their parent you did help for sure

Cindy's Stitching said...

I hope you sleep.

paula said...

Remember . . From My Heart Through My Hands when it comes to a Thank You for the genealogy books :)

She will love anything you make her.

Barb said...

I seem to have lost touch with your blog. Sorry. At times I go through insomnia too. It can really be a pain. We finally got a white noise machine and it sometimes helps. Mine goes in streaks and right now , I am doing ok. I totally agree about the stitching. A few years ago I decided it was just fine to stop reading or stitching a book or design that I was not enjoying! After all, we do these things for fun! I will read that article.

Ma, Herself said...

Sending hugs your way have a lot on your plate right now, no wonder your mind won't allow you to rest...and as for stitching, it should be a blessing and not a burden, and I am the first to say "set it aside and take it will be there when you feel up to the task."
Congratulations to the graduates, and I am hoping along with you that DS remains in the US. I can imagine how very proud you are of their accomplishments...and yours :)
Hoping the snow moves your way

LoriU said...

Hey Denise! If you want snow just come over here to the far EAST side of Cleveland along the lake! We have a good foot right now. The last two winters we had gotten a foot or more several times over! LOL! So for me, DC and Baltimore can KEEP the snow this time!!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Your head is on right, believe me I understand you, the article and the tornado reference...perfect. I had to make changes and cut people out 3 years ago. I'm a better me now because of it. Hard, made life hell for a bit, but I came out better.
I'm praying for DS decisions. :)