Sunday, December 6, 2015

Still Stitching...

Today has been a quiet day. DH and DS went out for the afternoon and left me to my own thing. So, I started my wrapping. The tree has been up for about a week. If it hadn't been for so many saving toilet paper rolls - my tree wouldn't up yet. You'll see ---

Yep, those are wrapped toilet paper rolls. The garland only took about 4 hours to string. It's surprising how well we all like the tree. We also tried something new for the shelf above the front door. 

That's the sleigh I got a month ago. I made a Santa bag yesterday and it's filled with empty boxes. It's much prettier in person than this picture. 

I had a squirrel pose for me the other day. I looked out the kitchen window and he was looking back at me. Then he got shy and hid behind a branch. 

I mentioned a was still stitching - here's where I am now. More pink!

And this is the last pic...several weeks ago.

With less than 3 weeks to go - my calendar is starting to fill. DD is coming over for 2 days to help bake cookies. Day one is the making of the dough and day two is baking. Thank goodness she volunteered to help. There are about 8 or 9 types of cookies this year and most of them are more than a single batch. 

It's time for bed isn't it? Please let it be soon!


Marilyn said...

What a pretty tree, and a great idea with the TP rolls!
Cute sleigh.
I will be baking this next weekend.
What pretty stitching.
Have fun!

Melinda Forbes said...

Your tree is so pretty. You always have the best ideas. Enjoy your Cookie baking. That is a lot of COOKIES.

Your stitching as always is beautiful

Linda said...

Your tree is gorgeous Denise. Lovely stitching.


Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Very beautiful decorating! Fabulous TP roll idea :)
I ask that very thing this time of it time for bed yet?!
Merry Christmas!

Maggee said...

Your tree looks fabulous. I like the new garland!! Good idea! I have been saying, "Today I will start decorating..." for many days now... Maybe tomorrow... today has already filled up! Sigh... The Bluebirds stitch is nearly done, isn't it? It looks terrific, even with pink! (If it were orange flowers, we bird watchers would never be able to find them!) I am going to start the Cardinals on New Years Day... can't wait! It's just staying inspired that is my problem! That's why I am doing mostly smalls lately... Thanks for sharing your tree with us! Hugs!

Robin in Virginia said...

Wonderful looking tree; I really like the new garland. What a clever idea! Hope your cookie baking was a success! I am still saying "I need to start decorating", but it still hasn't happened yet. Oh well! It will get accomplished when it does!