Thursday, October 1, 2015

Stitching Mojo has returned and so have I

Good Afternoon everyone!

It's been a long time. As the title says... I am stitching again. After almost a year off - the thread is in the needle and the needle is stitching away.

I fell in love with Marie Barber's Redbirds a few years ago and I whizzed through the stitch. She released Bluebirds last year in JCS magazine. I have emailed her and there is a 3rd pattern that JCS has yet to publish called Chick-A-Dee (I think). Hope it is released soon.

Here is what I have been doing the last two weeks ~

After one week...


after two weeks.

The flower is now almost complete and then it's on to all the leaves around the birds. This piece is not quiet as large as Redbird's. But, it should be as stunning as Redbird's.

Still volunteering at the genealogy society. My obituary index is complete for 49 years. Just waiting for 2015 to finish to complete this book and then on to editing and publication. We just applied for a grant - cross your fingers for us. We are looking into two more grants next week. Hoping we can obtain a new microfilm reader, computer, and archival items.

The family is doing well. DH is still a crane operator and should be taking a vacation soon. DD is completing her Radiology degree in May. And DS will be getting his Bachelor's in December. He plans to go on for his Master's and PhD. My concern is where he plans to go to get the Master's...he is a International Relations student concentrating in Middle Eastern studies. Not thrilled with his plans at all.

Still not a grandma...not even in the plans yet. :(  So, I am still spoiling my sister's kids. Telling you what though...I'm going to have a to adopt a grandkid here soon. I got me some major spoiling skills going to waste. Just saying.

Hope this finds you all well. Planning to check in a bit more frequently again.


gracie said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. Good to read a post from you. Your stitching looks lovely.

CalamityJr said...

Welcome back! That's going to be a gorgeous pair - hopefully trio - of bird finishes. Can't wait to hear they're hanging in your home. You are one busy lady!

CathieJ said...

Don't rush the Grandma part, you are still very young. I've got you by 8 years and mine are not even married yet. Enjoy your stitching. Love those birds.

Linda said...

Glad your back Denise. Your stitching is lovely.


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

well HELLO there, and Cheers to hitting back on the same day.....It is always nice to get back in the groove.

Dawn said...

Beautiful work Denise! Glad to see you found your mojo again!!!

paula said...

Glad to see your return to Blog Land.

Catherine said...

Hellloooo! I too have been absent and just sat down tonite to pop in on a few blogs and hopefully encourage my mojo to return!! Oh, and if you want to adopt any older grandkids.....I have three boys! Lol!

Maggee said...

Hello!! Welcome back!! It is SO great to hear from you!! Your Redbirds inspired me to hunt down that pattern, which I got this summer...Yay! But now, gotta get those Bluebirds too! Do you know which issue? And of course, Chickadee will be on my mind next! Love her patterns!! Congrats on balancing genealogy and stitching...I haven't gotten there yet! But have been having more and more days of getting off track with stitching and on track with a little research... it could happen! I have a manual microfilm reader sitting idle in my house... we should talk! Am retired now, due to hubby's accident, so bird watching is now my latest love! Gets me out of the house! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!