Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bluebird Update

As of yesterday - this is where I stood on my bluebirds. The colors in this piece are somewhat jarring to me. I like them all individually, but I'm still not sure how I feel with them all in one piece. 

Progress after 4 weeks
Just read Edgar's blog post a few minutes ago - he mentioned feeling 'peckish.' And that completely describes my mood today. What has me in a bother?

Well, this - A line item in HB 64 recently signed by Governor Kasich reads: “Sec. 3705.231. A local registrar shall allow an individual to photograph or otherwise copy a birth or death record.”
If an individual has a camera or iPhone with which to take a picture, he or she should be able to get a non-certified copy of an Ohio Birth or Death Certificate from a city or county health department free of charge after October 1, 2015. Hand held scanners and wands may be used at the discretion of the local registrar.
 I went to my local Vital Statistics office to get a free (non-certified) copy of my grandfathers birth record. Had all the information needed to get said copy. She provided the copy and proceeded to ask me, "Is that a scanner?" to which I said yes. She took the copy of that birth record from me and picked up her copy of Section 3705.231. It stated the record could be copied by, "a smart phone or camera." There was no mention of scanner on her copy. Then she states, "you can print a copy off a scanner." I told her, "I can print a copy from a photo - what's the difference?" 
To say I was miffed is an understatement. What does 'otherwise copy" mean if not scanning the page?? And the paper she waved in front of me didn't state the whole section to begin with. I came home and found the correct full section. I called the office wanting to know if Tuscarawas County has decided to not allow scanners. When they called back I was told, "The registrar is on vacation and no determination would be made until after her vacation was over - October 26th." Grr.
So, I called a genealogy society asking where they got their information. Of course, the woman I wanted to speak to wasn't there. But, I was told contact the Attorney General of Ohio. I did. For what good that did me. The office is "unable to translate legislation" and would not tell me what "otherwise copy" meant. But, they have just returned my call and the sweet woman I spoke to was unsure why I was told that at my local office. She gave me a phone number to call the state level of Vital Statistics. 
Yeah, yeah, I know take my camera back and get the copies. Yep, I could do that. But, when taking a photo of a paper like that it is best to use a copy stand. (yep, I have one) What galls me most - what is the difference between a jpeg taken with a camera vs a jpeg with a scanner??? 
Gonna make this next phone call - wish me luck! At this point I just want an explanation as to what 'otherwise copy means' and why is there a difference between a camera and a scanner?? 
Off to rattle a few more branches....


wranglerkate said...

Good for you! I like your gumption!

gracie said...

You seem to have it under control...keep at them!

Maggee said...

grrrr.... I know sometimes employees don't know the rules or know what is allowed or not allowed... but it gets pretty frustrating to have to fight for everything, everywhere! I look forward to hearing about what the Registrar actually says. Love how the bluebirds looks... I know the colors are not exactly complementary, but nature doesn't always match! I have a piece of fabric for the cardinal... need to pull threads and start it, as soon as I get better! Hugs!