Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Well, that was a short month

Somehow, another month has flown away. And what do I have to show for it? 
Let's see...

1 - No new pictures at this point.
2 - Have almost finished another page on my lighthouse.
3 - Have 11 words finished on 272 Words.
4 - Tomorrow I apply for First Family of Guernsey County Ohio
5 - And tomorrow - I will probably end up with bifocals.

Watching Survivor finale now...come on Spencer...and he was just voted out. Sigh...come on Woo! Do that voodoo you do!

Today found me traveling to Columbus, Ohio to get a death certificate for my paternal grandfather. I tried to get his birth certificate 1917 you did not have to fill the stupid thing out and his first name was never added to the birth certificate. If he were still alive he could do an affidavit to add his name. Since he is deceased - no changing the certificate. And the Vital Statistics office will not issue a certified copy of a birth certificate that is not completely filled out. Now I need to see if the issuing county will allow me a copy of the unchanged original document.

The wonder of wonders...I also found my paternal grandmother's birth certificate. Turns out her name is not - Laura (Lora) Ermine (or Erma) and her maiden name is not Thomas. Her nickname was always Lillie. Her given name per the birth certificate is Lily Schupp. Could have knocked me over with a feather. Now to find out if her step-father adopted her or if she just assumed his name and where did the name Laura Ermine come into play? I know it is very close to her birth father's name, but when did it become her known name? Good golly the tangled web you stumble into while doing genealogy.

Now that you are completely confused...welcome to my world!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Beth said...

Denise, I love genealogy. A personal puzzle unique to you and your siblings!

paula said...

My home county in INdiana has a FANTASTIC GENWEB site.

When I found my Dad's birth on it it had the wrong person listed as his mother. I thought" Oh, Boy . . I stumbled on a bomb shell here."

I got a copy of his birth certificate and Grandma was listed . . guess someone from WPA skipped a line somewhere when adding names :)

Indiana started keeping birth and death records in 1880. Well, grandfather was born in 1879 and his mother died 3 months later. She is my enigma . . she had been married twice before and had four children . . . Mom never spoke of these brothers and sisters so I wonder if her even knew since she died so soon and he was raised by a step mother :(

Barb said...

My DH loves genealogy and got my history all the way back to the Revolution. Hello DAR! Good luck to you!

Vickie said...

Genealogy is so interesting, but such a time sucker, hey? Have fun.

stitchersanon said...

Genealogy is interesting but confusing at the best of times especially when you take into account people's memories..which always seem to be a little bit different lol

Maggee said...

You KNOW how I feel about genealogy! A puzzle--a Challenge!! One of my outstanding puzzlers was that my father's birth certificate was AMENDED, when he was 21, by his Mother!! Hello?? And what was amended?? His birthdate!! By one day!! Earlier!! Imagine going along for 21 years with one birthday and then changing to a day earlier??!! But there are so many other stories... I should write them out... Enjoyed the post! Hugs!