Saturday, March 22, 2014

Not Sure How This is Scored...

But, after this round of basketball I stand at 20 of 32 games correct. Thank goodness for the Western Region - I got all but one of those correct. Ohio State, Duke, and Harvard really messed me up. From what the newscasters are saying though Ohio State and Duke messed a lot of people up. I hear also that the Billion Dollar Bracket thingy - everyone is out. Out of 9 million people - we are all out. Does anyone have a perfect bracket?

Onto something I know a little about - genealogy. Felt like a rock star on Tuesday walking into the round table with my family printed out. Not that it did me much good, but there were a few people in my tree that the others knew. Have to say when I found out one couple had 40,000 people in their tree - I was astounded! And then to find out the husband carries a gedcom file on a thumb drive on his key ring...well, I knew a) I have found my place in life and b) I'm not quite that obsessed - yet. There was one man that looked at my family index and mentioned,"Oh Sheldon know that girl at the insurance office... that's her grandfather." Turns out - 'that girl' and I are pretty good friends and she's now putting her branches of the tree together for me. Gotta love small towns!, I got nothing. Got in there for an hour last night. First time all week I had sat to stitch. Maybe, I'll show a progress photo next week.

Well, I've had breakfast and the dead people are calling me. Actually, it's my OCD that wants me to organize this mess of info I have.


ps - if OCD made sense it would be CDO and have the letters in order.


Vickie said...

haha! Have fun!

paula said...

What did I miss out on? What group of people did you get together with to view each other's trees?

Can't wait to get back home so I can take part in their local genealogical society and start swapping info. The president is on one of the branches of my tree. But she comes from the branch that had a TON of work done (I am talking about one whole wall at the local Historical society where the the research stored)by one of the more prolific genealogists in the hometown.

Well, need to get back to work on mine. I have found a branch with a lot of info on a lot of people who had a lot of kids, who had lot of kids, who had a lot of kids, etc, etc, etc :)

Maggee said...

After 29 years, I turned into a person more interested in the stories associated with the names than someone just gathering names and numbers (family historian versus genealogist). But I am a purist, and won't put anything down unless I have a legal document verifying the data! When there are 40k names you gotta wonder... You are doing fine! Hugs!