Monday, February 24, 2014

Cough, Hack, Hack...

seems I have a bug that's making my life miserable. Not sure if it is bronchitis or not, but it sure is feeling that way. After hiding in the house all winter trying to avoid the crud - it found me! 

I should probably call the doctor - I hate doctors. I'll wait until denial finally falls on it's face and I have to admit I can't kick it on my own.

I'm blaming the plane on this. It just doesn't seem healthy to stuff a hundred plus people like sardines into a small area and then blow recycled air into their faces. Isn't that asking for trouble?

Yep, I finally flew for the first time last week. We left good ole Ohio in a deep freeze and headed to Seattle! We only stayed there for the night as Seattle wasn't our true destination - Tofino, BC, Canada was. And I must say, all the time Rob and I have thought about this trip was not wasted.

 The mountains were spectacular, the beaches (although cold) were gorgeous, and the food was fantastic! We had a wonderful time and can't wait for our next adventure!

The Craigdarroch Castle
Victoria, BC, Canada
One of the many stained glass windows in the castle.

So much for moss only growing on the north side of the trees!
Cathedral Forest (I've always wanted to take a picture like this!)
View from the Long Beach Lodge
Cox Bay, Tofino, BC
View from a bay further south than Cox Bay

                              Some ferns outside our cottage.

Does anyone know what this is? It seems to be part of the tree not just growing on it.

And this...I'm not sure how to process has to mean something beyond...well, the obvious. I should probably get my head out of the gutter.


And so, with this, I leave you all to go cough and hack some more. May spring soon be here since the snow is all gone.


Robin said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip. Your pix are beautiful. LOL at the street signs and your comment. Hope you feel better soon.

paula said...

Love me a castle :)

Wish I could help on the white stuff on the tree.

Vicky L said...

Sounds you had a great time! I love the tree picture and the castle looks gorgeous.
Feel better soon.

Chris said...

What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing the pics.
I hope that you feel better soon!!!

rosek1870 said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. I'll have to add it to my wish list! Hope you feel better soon. I had the hacking thing in January and the cough hung on for weeks (of course I to did not go to the dr. perhaps that might have helped).

Tiffany said...

Hope you get to feeling ebtter and the pictures are wonderful thanks for sharing. I got a laugh out of the last one.

Beth said...

It a form of Lichen on the tree. All find of lichens and mosses grow on trees in Pac NW.

Anne said...

Hello Denise, I can't believe I haven't visited your blog in so long! (I've been having feedly/blogger issues). You came very close to me on your adventure! We live in Vancouver and often travel up the Sunshine Coast (similar to Vancouver island) in the summers. Yes we do have beautiful beaches, mountains and flora. I love your cathedral forest photo. Breathtaking. I wanted to say that the "stuff" growing on the tree branch is what we call witches hazel. It looks like very new witches hazel in that photo. It grows on trees everywhere and becomes very dry, which makes for good fire kindling :D Glad you enjoyed visiting my part of the world!