Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Never Ending Project is Nearing the End

I've been stitching along now on the SamSarah Perpetual Calendar for what seems like a long time. As a matter of fact - here is my first *post* when I received my patterns. Please notice the date - March 11, 2013! I have been stitching these for almost 10 months. Seems I took from mid-April to mid-May off to work on my Hares' projects.

Ten months and just the other day I started on December. There are only 3 more tags to go. Hard to believe I've committed a year of my life to this project and I'm going to be sad to see it go.

I can't show you the November tags yet. I've got them all done down to one color and then I started another tag. Going on vacation soon and I need some stupid stitching (read no pattern to look at - just fill in the blank) to do.

After all this time stitching the tags - you would think I would have figured out a place to put the finished project. Well, I haven't. The tag holder is bigger than I thought and I'm just not sure where to put it. So, now I stew over that.

On another note - my genealogy room is near completion! Woo-hoo! My chairs should be here by the end of the week. But, the first date for them to arrive was before Christmas. Come on Flex-Steel get it together! I have the cabinets and table set up and ready to go. All the photos are in place on the walls. I just need these 2 wing back chairs. I won't let my sister in the room. This is our room at my house to play. I want her to see it finished. Alivia saw the room yesterday - she loved the pictures of herself, her brothers, and Mom and Dad.

Hoping the blue/green on the walls somehow match the rust of the chairs. Otherwise, all the pictures have been for nothing and I'll have to paint. Trying to convince myself that all colors go together. I just need to find the one item that shares both colors in it. Yeah - right.

Nothing too exciting to note - no new pregnancies, no weddings on the horizon (although Rob's youngest brother got engaged yesterday), and just one person moving... So far 2014 is doing much better than 2013. Remember Jan 1st of last year? Logan had wrecked his truck and Alivia was in the hospital.

Sorry for no pictures today - I promise bunches soon!


Barb said...

Sometimes a big project is well worth it. Glad it looks like you will have a calmer year!

Mouse said...

oooo good for you :)and can't wait to see the room done too ....
sooo when this is done the stitching btw what are you going to do next to keep you out of mischief ...lol love mouse xxxxx

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

hmmm no place to put your calendar you say???? hmmm I am sure it would fit in very nicely here....just say'n and if you ever saw pictures of HL you would know how I am fibb'n on that one. Cheers to finding that just right spot.

Maggee said...

Yes, it has been a while, but those tags are very detailed. Are you going to share pictures of the Genealogy room? My office used to be a Genealogy room... then I started stitching, and it went idle. And I moved it to a closet, so the office is a catch-all room now... a little of this, a little of that. Hugs!