Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Banging My Head on the Wall!

New genealogy room - check
New chairs - on Friday - check
Research coming along - urch
Frustration setting in with lack of sources sited - wheels coming off
Decision made to start all over - head banging on wall!

Yep, new room - new chairs - new research!
I now have a new freebie program - 
that matches my sister's program.

Where I had mixed research (read spotty at best)
there is now only known and sourced information.

And where I had at least 2000 people in my family 
and another 1000+ in Rob's - 
there is now approx 60 in our total family.

Must go stitch and get my mind off this new madness.
Must go stitch...
Must go stitch...



Vickie said...

A few years ago I did some family research. It takes up a LOT of time and can become frustrating. I stopped. I may do it again sometime, but not right now.

Miamina said...

I remember having to wander graveyards as a child with my grandmother when she was researching our family history. At least it's a bit easier now with the internet and records being online!

You'll get there!

paula said...

When we return to Indiana, one of my MUST HAVES for a home is a genealogy/crafts room . . be it in a closet in a guest room, or a whole room to itself. I am SO JEALOUS that you have this room for your research.

Maggee said...

What went wrong?? What free program? Tell me more!!!!

Mouse said...

well at least the numbers are a wee bit better to search about ...lol
and yes go and do some stitching to calm yourself down...lol love mouse xxxxxx