Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Still Stitching ~

Still stitching and still running around. I thought things would calm down after the wedding, but it seems, I was wrong. My sister is having her third baby on Monday. She is high risk and needs to go in to the doctor twice a week. If I'm not taking her to those appointments I am probably watching the youngest. And nothing gets done on those days.

Plus, there is an empty room in the house since the son has moved his things to the basement (or to Kent) and I took over his bedroom for stitching.

Here is my new stitching room (I believe I've shown one picture of it)

South Wall

North East Corner

West Wall

As you can see I still need to paint the closet door and get it installed. Otherwise, this room is complete.

Now my old stitching room is being turned into our genealogy room. The plans are to put tons of pictures on the walls and wait patiently for the chairs to arrive (sometime before Christmas).

No pictures of it today - after Christmas though be prepared!

As the title suggests - I am still stitching on the calendar.

SamSarah Fun Every Day August
I changed the colors a bit on these, but for the most part they are pretty much as designed. My sun is more of an autumn sun than bright summer sun. Feeling the weather change I guess.

Nine and September

My Version of September's Patterns
The number 9 is as charted with a color change. The other three patterns on this chart have been totally re-designed. The left chart is my version of  'Happy Anniversary.' It was charted as another large heart. I was bored with it. The September chart had a large apple for the teacher. My kids are out of school and I chose to celebrate the first day of Fall. I used the leaves from Bent Creek's November Twirls pattern. And the pattern shown on the right - well, SamSarah had a school bus for the first day of school. I just couldn't celebrate that and I noticed there wasn't a pattern for St. Patrick's Day.  So, I took the shamrock from L*K's March Flip-It and proceeded to flip it and rotate it for my St. Patrick's Day piece.

I'm excited to see how these turn out. I'm hoping for success like on my June piece. :)

Have been re-doing my photo albums and printing a ton of them too. All caught up to the wedding and ran out of ink again. Crossing my fingers that tomorrow will find that project completed.

Having Thanksgiving here next Saturday. Glad to have the extra days to clean and prep the house. We're having all the traditional dishes this year. No excitement in the menu, but sometimes comfort is needed. This year we will have a new baby to be thankful for and an uncle who seems to be having success in his battle with cancer. My FIL is still here and battling the big C too. He's choosing to not take chemo at the moment. His choice and I understand his reasons. The rest of us are healthy, clothed, and have roofs over our heads - all blessings.

Watch here Monday or Tuesday for pictures of Brice James! Can't wait to be an aunt again! Just counted - he's my 17th niece or nephew. And that's not counting two great nephews. :0)

Keep Smiling ~


Vickie said...

Wonderful color in your new stitching room.

Catherine said...

You've certainly been busy!! How exciting to be so close to the arrival of a new little one! I hope that all goes well with the arrival. Your stitching room looks wonderful ~ I'm sure you will spend many hours there!

gracie said...

Love your new room.

Linda said...

What a great post Denise. I love your purple room. Congrats on the new arrival.


Chris said...

Your stitching room looks great!
Your calendar pieces are gorgeous too.
Wishing your sister and easy delivery. I am looking forward to seeing your new nephew.

rosek1870 said...

WOW you are one busy lady!! Your stitching room is amazing. My stitching room is still a couple of years away. Devin's loan payments are too high to have a life if she moves out. plus her life is going to Haiti for service work which is a wonderful but expensive way to spend your vacation lol. So I will stitch in the living room and store stash in an alcove upstairs. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Robin said...

Wow. That's a lot going on. Your stitching room looks perfect. Lots of light, comfy chair. I like your Sam Sarah calendar. I was tempted by that design but haven't caved yet. Happy Thanksgiving!

Maggee said...

HI there! Glad that things are slowing down for you-ha! The stitching room looks great, and I look forward to seeing the Genealogy room! I have been hit again with an urge to get back into it, but... I have so much else to do... If only I didn't work every day! Hugs!