Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Tags Finished


Think I may have been feeling a bit autumnal when I did Thursday and the Seventh. Here's what the designer thought the tags should look like ~

No major changes. Think my color choices were a bit bolder that those charted. Must say their purple in July looks better than mine.

And here's what the whole collection looks like together ~

I'm working on the Eighth today. It reminds me of Charlie Brown's sweater. That little zig zag he has. Really love these August charts. Nothing being changed on them either. Now September...there will be changes! :)

Off to wash kitchen cabinets, clean the fridge out, and wash the silverware tray. Fun fun. Got to find a needle and floss after doing the kitchen - I'll deserve it!

Have a great day - the weekend starts in about 14 hours!


Barb said...

Great tags! You do deserve a break after the kitchen!

Teresa said...

Your calendar tags are coming along so nicely. They will be done before you know it.

Linda said...

More great tags Denise. I love your color changes.


Catherine said...

They look great!

Chris said...

The tags are looking amazing!

Maggee said...

Hope you get some stitching time! Great progress picture! Hugs!

Shebafudge said...

As always these look absolutely amazing.

Sharon said...

Your tags look awesome, you are really coming along!