Friday, August 2, 2013

Old to New!

Maybe you remember that my baby is leaving for college in three weeks. Cringe - that means the wedding is in 12 weeks! Oh good golly! Anyway...

This is what my stitching room used to look like ~

Thought I had some better pictures here on the blog and didn't take any before dismantling it.

DS now lives in the basement and is very happy to have his own 'apartment'. Mind you it has no kitchen but when Mom is the cook - who needs one.

So, here is my new stitching room ~

Yes, it really is that purple! I just wanted something new and different. As you can see I haven't ordered my curtains, put anything on the walls, or gotten the tv back up. But, I can stitch in there! Oh, and it needs a closet door! Yes, the closet is normally that organized. (Don't judge me - as DD would say!) Two windows - what a difference!

Here's what my old stitching room looks like now ~

Empty - so empty! Not sure if we are getting a futon, using a twin bed, or getting a daybed. The desk is to go too - want to get a three drawer filing cabinet. Like this -

Oxford 3-Drawer File Cabinet

And this will become the office/genealogy room/guest room. If you look closely at the picture you can see I've done one of the shower center pieces, a jar full of corks for the wedding, and other shower things.

And if all of this isn't enough - my sister is moving this weekend and we are going to get the guys fitted for tuxes! Whee fun!

Here's where my sister is moving ~

In this brand new trailer right beside my mom's house. Yep, both my mom and sister will be living across the street from me. And I always said, "No one could live closer to their mother than I do." Well, once again my little sister proved me wrong! lol

And we found out she is not having another daughter but another son! Her pregnancy is progressing well and as of yet - no problems. I believe she is 22 weeks. Miss Alivia was born at 32 weeks and Keri was showing many issues by this time in that pregnancy. So, cross your fingers we will have a full term baby this time. No name as of yet - but his middle name will be James after Dad.

Three posts in one day - new record for me! I'm off to find lunch and go stitch!
Hope your weekend is wonderful!


Vickie said...

I really like your paint color. Looks just like the paint we used for our oldest son's room when he was born. I think it was called Purple Mountain Majesty or something like that!

April said...

I love that color in your room! I have a light lavender colored room. It is so relaxing. Enjoy your new stitching place!!

Maggee said...

Nothin wrong with a purple room!! My fave! Congrats on setting up a cozy new stitching nest! I look forward to seeing some fab finishes later in the year, AFTER all the festivities pass! Hugs!

Denise said...

Always love seeing where our blogging friends do there stitching. Love your purple room.
Happy Stitching

Catherine said...

Fabulous room ~ love that filing cabinet!!