Friday, August 2, 2013

More Tags to Show!

Been a bad girl and not shown my last two tag finishes.

Love the way Wednesday looks. I used the teal from Wednesday and used it in the Fifth. Quite surprised how well the vertical zig-zags show. As I was stitching I was convinced it would be a muddled mess. These two came out bold and bright!!

Thought you might want to see my progress to date ~  

The one I am currently working on is Mother's Day. I once again have changed it around - Using the heart from the original pattern but am substituting the flower from February onto this heart. I also changed up the purple/green background. Still using those colors but changed the dot size. So what do you think??

Heard the other day that the 12th pattern has been released and I am excited to make an order!

Off to show you what I have been doing this last week or so!

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