Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catching Up!

(picture heavy post)

Good Morning Bloggerville! It's been a few weeks and in part it has been because I have been busy but lately it's been my Google account. Not sure what happened but somehow I had ads popping up to the point blogger didn't operate correctly. All fixed and phew - I'm glad. 

Going to share the stitching first and then head into the family photos. Hold on because this could be a really long post. Finished the May patterns from SamSarah and boy can you see lots of changes in this one.

The May tag didn't change much but the Mother's day one isn't even close. I used the flower idea from Valentine's Day and changed the green/purple dots. Guess this picture barely shows them.

Now's not even close. I had a pattern here at the house that was one flip flop - using my pattern maker I recreated it and then copied and flipped it making a pair of shoes. I feel this is more Juney than the graduation caps the designer had used.

Right now I am working on The Sixth. Which puts me working on the second half of the patterns. Hard to believe I am half way done with this series. But, I got quiet the shock yesterday when I opened the JCS magazine - it seems SamSarah has come up with a new series on these same tags and they are calling the new series Ten X the Fun. It showed 5 Halloween/witches hats. Hmmm, do I do these too or call it quits??

The last week found us celebrating both my mom's birthday and Alivia's. Unfortunately it seems I didn't take any good pictures of Mom and Alivia this year. 

Isn't she a cutie?

Here is the newest picture of the kids together. Such hams!

Garin 6 and Alivia 3
My fil was down the other day and my niece happened to stop over too. So, I had to get a pic of them together.

Jim, Kilee, Courtney, and Logan
My fil's appearance is much improved. Not taking chemo makes him seem much healthier. He's heading to Florida in a week or so. And will fly back for the wedding. 

Here are a few more shots of Alivia's party ~

Uncle Lonnie, Andrew, Logan, and Rob
Aunt Marcia
 Two more days until Logan leaves for college. And they are going to be busy days for him. Lunch with friends this afternoon and wedding rehearsal this evening. Tomorrow is the wedding for another friend and Logan is a groomsman. He is mostly packed thoughts are he has WAY too much going with him. This will be interesting.

Since I got most of the housework done yesterday I think today may be a stitching day. Yippee! I'm off to stitch! hehe - Denise


Vickie said...

whew! Busy times. Glad they are good times. =)

gracie said...

Wonderful pictures....

Linda said...

Your tags look great Denise. Great family pics.


Unknown said...

Love what you have done with the Calendar - the flip flops are better for June I SO AGREE...

Great family pictures, Thank you for sharing

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

love those tags...just think,,, you could finish them across the border in May???? Remember, the reason for your passport???

Catherine said...

Busy, busy times!!!

Chris said...

The tags are looking great!! I am loving this project.
Lovely family celebrations!

Maggee said...

So, did you get lots of stitching done?? I know the best laid plans go awry often! Your calendar finishes look great. It's pretty neat that you are customizing them as you go along! Hugs!

Anne said...

Great tags Denise! I like your May version! Sounds like it's been quite a busy few months!!

Teresa said...

I can't believe how long it has been since I have read any blogs. You have so many tags done now. You had just started when I was last a faiithful reader.
I will try hard to stay in touch and read more often.