Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Tag Finish!

This makes number 16 of 48 tags finished. I'm still loving them!

As you can see - I've changed every dang one of them! Guess that falls under "stitcher's prerogative." Started Wednesday last night and am going with DMC 4210 - Radiant Ruby.

Radiant Ruby - Color Variations Floss (4210)

Today finds me waiting on the bride. We have a mountain of work to do today with the wedding and shower. If all goes well - we will be on the down side of the planning. Cross your fingers for me (us)! Maybe a prayer too?

Yesterday found me working on DS's new area. Years ago he took over a portion of the basement as his man cave. Now he will sleeping down there too when home from college. I painted the walls and we lay a piece of carpet too. Tonight he wants to move his bed.

Once he is moved downstairs - his packing begins for Kent. And I ---- I get to repaint his old room! Then my stitching room will be moving to his larger room. It's only a couple of feet larger but... My current stitching room will become a guest (read Garin and Alivia's) bedroom.

Maybe I haven't told you here but my sister is moving back into the neighborhood. And baby #3 is due in December. Tomorrow is (I think) ultrasound for baby's sex! Hoping for another girl.

Time to research bridal shower games!
Happy Hump Day!


Vickie said...

Well Denise, I did pray for you and your daughter for today's bridal shower work!
You are very blessed to be getting a bigger room for stitchy stuff. I have a corner of the basement!

Barb said...

Good luck getting it all finished!

Mouse said...

paws crossed all goes well and yeahhhh to a bigger space ... and a new baby awwwwwww :) love mouse xxxx

Chris said...

I am loving your tags! Such fun and your color choices are making them extra special. I hope the planning went well and that you are on the downside.
Lots of exciting things happening and all so good!!

Denise said...

I just love your tags and the colors that you have chosen for them!
We just had my son's wedding and I know what you mean about the planning.I hope all goes well!
Happy Stitching

paula said...

Congratulations on #3, Aunt Denise :)

paula said...

Oh, and I like your choice of colors better than the originals.

Marlene Jones said...

We all change the colours, and why would we not, enjoy your bigger space xx

Rita said...

Your tags look great!

You certainly have a lot going on in your life these days. :-)

Anne said...

Great tags Denise! You are stitching them up quickly! Hope all goes well with the wedding and the shower. It will be wonderful!

Sharon said...

They look fabulous, you are doing a great job! My project ADD would have kicked in by now-LOL