Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday is Finished!

Not the day...the tag! Yep, got my first tag of SamSarah's calendar finished last night. Immediately started on the blank number tag.

Mind you today's photos are not going to win any award for best pics posted. My apologies.

Tuesday and Blank Number Tags

What they should like!
 As you can see Tuesday doesn't quite look like it should. The pattern called for Periwinkle. I didn't have any. So, I substituted Concord in the gridwork I made between the stitches of Frog Legs. Oops, didn't have Frog Legs either so that became Frozen Margarita. Then because I didn't pay attention the the note telling me to have 2 skeins of the background color I had to use Ora's Iris to fill in the background. I still like it though - the Concord has just enough variation to set off the Ora's Iris.  

On the blank tag I am using Frozen Margarita for the circles and DMC 4240. The DMC is a substitute for Morning Glory. I've decided to use what floss I have on hand rather than go out and buy tons of hand dyed floss.

The perforated paper caused me a tad bit of grief. I am a stitcher who uses the sewing method. Relearning how to stitching constantly pulling the thread through each side was something different. To say my tendinitis has flared is an understatement. :( But, I found a compression sleeve that helps!

The last few days has found me painting the house. Instead of milk chocolate on the walls I am now looking at an olive green hue. The color changes as the light changes during the day. In the late evening the color goes tan, during the morning it's harvest gold, afternoon a greenish tan. But, when the sun shines directly on it - olive! Not sure I am happy with it but I am not repainting it again.

Today finds me getting everything back on the walls, dusting, sweeping, washing windows, cleaning the bathroom, doing dishes and laundry, and rearranging the furniture for the new hardwood floors I'm hoping DH picks up from the warehouse tonight.

Well, break is over...back to the laundry and sweeping. Maybe later this afternoon I can pull a few stitches.


Dawn said...

Oh, that looks like so much work! I know you will be happy when all the pieces are finished!

I have done the same thing, painted and then said that's it, not repainting, but it sounds really pretty Denise!

Mouse said...

oooo well done and I think its a good idea using the floss you have to make them ... and ouchie re the tendinitis ....
btw love that wedding dress :) love mouse xxxxx

Catherine said...

Your project is looking good! I never thought about how stitching on perforated paper would be tricky if you are used to the sewing method!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Looks good, Denise! I'd use fibers from stash got that projection, I think. Would love to see house pics when you get everything back in place.

Linda said...

You made me tired just reading about all the work Denise. lol
Great finish.


Unknown said...

It's wonderful when you are brave enough to put your own Touches on a project - it looks great with your colors...

Fingers crossed your tendinitis doesn't act up too much

Vicki said...

What a fun project!

Teresa said...

How fun your calender is going to be. I like to change colors with what I have. I don't the sewing method I must try it.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

dixiesamplar said...

That's not a mistake, that's creative innovation and inspiration, LOL! It looks lovely your way :-)