Friday, March 1, 2013

Time Just Keeps On Slipping...

slipping into the future.

Had to flip the calendar this morning - where did February go?  Mom always told me that as you get older time goes more rapidly - at this rate I'll be digging the Christmas decorations out next month. Shoot, I keep stitching more Christmas ornaments and I'll need to finish them soon for the holiday!

I have new followers to whom I must wave hello. There are now 260 of you! Seems I never had my 200 follower give away - maybe I should start planning my 300 give away now?!!

And on other program notes - Sierra and Georgena have both joined our Lizzie Kate Fat Guys/Snow Belle SAL. Sierra's blog is PatchworkStitches. Georgena doesn't have a blog but may send me her progress so I can share with all of you here. Welcome aboard ladies - glad you've joined us!

Since it is the first of the month - I have pictures of said SAL!

Snow Friends
by Lizzie Kate

And the overall look of the piece

I've nearly completed March's stitch. Just a few more snow flakes. For some reason I felt the need to push this month's pattern to completion. Maybe I'll be super busy in March?

I do that...get these weird feelings that I must get something done early. And most generally, something happens that it works out to my advantage. Christmas 2009 - I had all my shopping done super early - had my gall bladder removed in the middle of the month. Crossing my fingers that isn't the case again - no more surgeries thank you. Maybe this time it will be something to celebrate!

Tomorrow Courtney and I are going to a baby shower. Ahhh, all those cute outfits and baby things. Someday it will be for a grandchild...someday. Must do the wedding in October, graduation from school in 2 more years, get the new job, and THEN the babies come.

Speaking of wedding ~ working on the guest list finalization. Then next week will be checking the chair/table rental place. Then DH can rent the tent. Yep, the wedding will be in the backyard and the reception will follow in the tent. We're talking a 70' long tent! Courtney fears it will be a striped tent and it'll look like the circus has come to town. With nearly 150 people in my yard it will be a circus - just no animals!

Time to go retrieve the curtains from the washer -- Bridget has this need to push them aside to peak outside and they get filthy. Here are my white curtains and I have these black puppy stains (and hair) all over them -- ick. Wonder is that nose grunge or spit on the curtains? Either way, I'm glad they wash up well.

Time for the weekend to start - Make sure to laugh as much as you stitch!


Vickie said...

Oh how exciting. Sounds like mama is a good planner. ;)

Melinda said...

Love your SAL - you have all the snowflakes and the enhancements included.

I love weddings - in your back yard sounds amazing - please keep us updated as you go.

Seriously - it is March 1st. Time just crazy...

paula said...

Not nose grunge . . you Bridget has been creating :nose art" for you. Same as Indy creates it for us on the front storm door :)

Maggee said...

Probably a good idea to stitch ahead... sounds like you have a lot on your plate! I just saw the cardinal piece you finished on your sidebar... love that piece! Hugs!

Linda said...

I'm lovin' the snow people on one piece of fabric. What a great idea. Yours is looking awesome.


Catherine said...

Since getting Panzer, I am all too familiar with the nose/fur gunk on the windows and the curtains!
The wedding sounds wonderful ~ looking forward to following you on this journey.
Great progress on your stitches!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

all of our "Nose Art" is 6' off the ground and it comes off the windows very easily with our ENJO fibers.....
Love the thought of a Back Yard Wedding,,,been there, done that and it was fantastic. It will certainly be a day to remember.
Cheers on all of your finishes Girl, you sure are stitching away so,,,,with that said there must also be tons of laughter going on...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
As always

Rita said...

Sounds busy in your house!

Great progress on your snowmen!

Teresa said...

I have no idea where the time goes. It just seems to go fast.
How fun to be planning a wedding. Maybe some day I can.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches