Saturday, March 30, 2013

Catching Up!

First I would like to offer a Happy Easter to all who celebrate the day. I will be spending the day at my sister's enjoying good food, family, and happiness. I wish all of you a day of remembrance, love, and togetherness.

The mailman has been quiet kind to me the last two days. Yesterday, I received my Mid-Winter gift from Mary Jane. It's driving Rob crazy that I haven't opened it yet. Hey MJ, got yours sent out to you today - Ray should be delivering it by mid-week!

I will admit to feeling the packages. And that one on top is a book. Years of package squeezing experience tells me I am correct. But, a book? Hmm...which one?!?! And the little one is a sweet. :)

This morning I got another surprise. Dawn has once again RAK'd me!

A new fob! She sent her apologies to Bridget because she did not have a black puppy bead. I explained it to Bridget and she's good with it! Isn't this adorable??

Now how Dawn knew I had a pair of scissors without a fob is beyond me. But, I'm beginning to think she is traveling to the house and sneaking in to see what I need! Thank you Dawn!

I promised before and after pictures of the new flooring. I'm seeing many hours of cleaning in my future. Should have gone with a lighter wood. Oops!

Hallway as seen from the master

Dining Room as seen from the master
As you can see the floors aren't completely finished. Still have about 3' to go in the dining and 7' in the living. I don't have any pictures showing the before wall color. They were tan/brown. Way too much brown for the house - it would have felt like a cave. I'm sure the boy would have approved though. 

Having never lived in a home with hardwood the new cleaning regime seems daunting. I'm used to carpet that hides all kinds of sins. Is there a way to train Bridget to hold her head over her water bowl until the dripping is done?? Little water marks are going to be everywhere. Didn't think I had OCD but maybe I really do. 

Since this is supposed to be a stitching related blog maybe I should tell you I started another L*K Santa - 

Here Comes Santa from 2005
Stole the picture from 123. His jacket is about finished. Needed to give my elbow a little break from perforated paper. I think the calender is going to be an ongoing long term project. No need to get in a hurry and try to finish it all in one month - besides I have other stitches to do this year. 

Time to return to making dessert for tomorrow. It's a layered chocolate pudding dessert. It's wonderful -- my grandma made this for years and it's one of her best recipes. Maybe I'll remember to take a pic tomorrow -- then again maybe not! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Catherine said...

Your floors look great!! Lol about the water spots ~ between the three boys and the dog, I have about given up on squeaky clean floors!
Isn't Dawn fabulous! She RAK''d me with a similar fob and I love it!
Cute new stitch!

Teresa said...

Happy Easter to you too!
Love the floors, I have them and don't miss the carpet a bit.
Can't believe you didn't open the package.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Dawn said...

I love the color of your floors! but like you, I like carpet. Glad Bridgett approved.

gracie said...

the floor looks lovely. How can you not open those packages!!!????

rosek1870 said...

Love your new floors!! I have hard wood and no rugs. They are easier to clean in the long run although when I see all the dog hair I realize all the hair the carpets held with out me knowing LOL.

Have a happy Easter

Linda said...

Great gifts Denise. Your floors look awesome. We need to do that. Great new start.


Ranae said...

Nice pretty new flooring
Happy Easter!!!

Vickie said...

Oh the floors look wonderful! We had a Kerry Blue Terrier for years. He had a big beard. Drippy, drippy for years. Get used to it. ;) Happy Easter. He is risen!

Maggee said...

Yes, those floors look terrific. We have wood flooring in a couple of bedroooms, but it is lighter. Just was attracted to the lighter color, but now... am glad! It does NOT show dust as badly as I imagine darker wood will! That's good, cause I work and cannot clean every day! I look forward to seeing what the Mid-Winter pressies are! Oh the suspense... Hugs!

Chris said...

The floors look amazing! What a lovely RAK and I can't wait to see what is in those packages. I can't wait to see the dessert too.
Happy Easter!