Friday, February 15, 2013

How Many Pieces of Linen Did I Buy?

Seven! And that means Linda at Stitchin With My Furbabies won my little pattern give away. Congratulations Linda. I don't believe I have your snail mail address - could you email it to me?

These pieces had to come home with me but it was so hard stopping at seven. I could buy her entire wall of linen and not feel bad about it! Let's see what came home - 28ct Cashel Dirty, 28ct Cashel Rue Green, 28ct Cashel Vintage Smokey White, 28ct Cashel Taupe, 28ct Jobelan Water Lily, 30ct Weeks Tin Roof, and 30ct Weeks Putty.

Last night my dear hubby brought me some white roses. I love roses. We spent the night here at home and had dinner. Later he ran to the grocery store for ice cream and we made milkshakes. It's been a l-o-n-g time since I made shakes. Some thing are never forgotten. Guess those years at my grandparents dairy taught me something!

Got some mail on Wednesday - I had won Patty's give away over at Hanging On By a Thread and I received her goodies.

Just in time for Valentine's! The scissors weren't supposed to be included but Patty surprised me and sent them! Aren't her goodies the absolute best? And perfectly stitched and finished. I just love them. Now I have a new pincushion for late winter and don't have to use my Humbug til spring. I've never had a scissor pocket before! And for someone who isn't collecting scissors - I now have 5 pair. I may say blue is my favorite color but this shade of red is a close second. Just looking at these make me happy. Thank you Patty for such a wonderful give away!

Tomorrow I get to see Stomp. Just looked at their website and wonder -- do we need a plastic to cover us since we have front row seats? Has anyone seen the show? Any advice will be a huge help. Rob isn't completely thrilled to be going and if he's going to get drenched...well, I'd like to be prepared.

Yeah, he's going under protest. He hasn't wrapped his mind around the fact this is NOT a ballet. I figure after having to watch Auction Whatever, Motor/Cycle/Bike shows, and Pawn blah blah he owes me this one!

Well, since blogger is giving me fits and wanting me to sign in again while I am posting --  time to go!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Mouse said...

oooo well done linda :)
gorgeous giveaway you won from Patty ...
like stomp but not been to a live show so cant help you there ...
oooo wish I could have one of your shakes :) love mouse xxxxx

Vickie said...

ooOoo! Never been to Stomp. That should be fun.

Lana said...

Great stash of fabbies! And what a cute little giftie!!

Linda said...

Hi Denise. Thank you. I emailed you my address. Love the linen you bought. Great colors.
What a beautiful gift you won.


Melinda said...

White Roses, what a wonderful choice. How nice.

How was Stomp?

Catherine said...

Lovely goodies from Patty! Hope you enjoyed Stomp!