Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calling All Cars...

CalamityJr (Mary Jane) needs our help! She's looking for the pattern Graduation Dreams by Janlynn.

She would like to borrow/buy the pattern from someone. Seems a waste to buy the kit as the aida would go to waste.

If you would happen to have this or know someone who does - please leave a comment and maybe your email (if not in your profile) on this post. If you email me - I'll forward any info on to her.

Thank you for helping out my friend!

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who commented or emailed me yesterday. Once again you have shown your heart. Your comments/thoughts/prayers helped. And they are much appreciated. Today is a better day - it's those anniversaries that get you.

Thank everyone -


Jane Henley said...

Even my windchimes are playing. You have been in my thoughts for a few days now and I know you know that. Cheers to all the wonderful memories and to helping a friend too.
as always

Parsley said...

I wish I could help our friend. Surely SOMEONE can.

paula said...

Mom died on her birthday . . talk about a day that sucks!

Shari said...

sorry, can't help with the pattern, but it is a good one!

Catherine said...

Hope someone finds the pattern!