Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bah, 2013...Is Not What I Hoped...So Far

Let's see -- DH and I decided to leave the lake a bit early this morning instead of enjoying the late check-out of 2p. Good thing. Things went downhill quickly.

As we came across the bridge to our home we noticed Logan's truck was not at home. Hmm? Where is he? Oh, okay, he's at Mom's house. Why? We get everything unloaded and into the house. I call over to Mom's. "What's going on?" Mom tells me, "Logan had a little accident." Now, honestly, I'm thinking he cut himself or something like that.

No, last night on his way to work (in the snow) he went off the road and hit a small tree. He's fine - the truck needs a new grill and bumper. All in all - things could have been worse. He didn't want to call us and ruin our anniversary outing.

Although, I must say, he did make me smile. He had planned to have a friend over to stay and had pizza ordered to pick up after work. After the wreck - he cancelled it all. Good boy! :)

Mom came over and talked to me. Seems Alivia got terribly sick this morning and had to go by squad to the hospital. I'm not going into all the details but baby girl is sick - temperature was 104 a little bit ago. The hospital plans to keep her for another 24-48 hours.

I'm hoping 2013 starts to look up real soon. Eek, if it is to get worse!

Also, if you could send a little prayer for Alivia's health - it will be appreciated.


Dawn said...

Oh No! In my prayers for sure! Hope she is better soon.

Catherine said...

Oh no! Not the way one should start the New Years at all!! Will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers! Hopefully, this will be all the bad things out of the way for the rest of the year!

Melinda said...

Prayers, all night and all day.. You and yours are in my thoughts.

Annie said...

I'm glad your son is okay, and I hope Alivia is good as new very soon. I hope 2013 turns around and is a great year from here on out for you and your family!

Shari said...

Monday must have been the day for wrecks..... DH was involved in one on the way home from work. Young kid pulled out in front of him...no way to stop, thou he sure tried!!! Glad Logan is ok, as is DH.
Praying for little Alivia.....how scary.
Hope you enjoyed your anniversary while you were away!

Chris said...

Sending good thoughts to you and your family.

rosek1870 said...

Will gladly pray for all. So glad the accident wasn't worse. Hope the little one is fever free and home soon.

Linda said...

Oh my Denise. Get all the bad stuff over now and the rest of the year will be great. Glad your son is okay. Sending hugs and happy thoughts for Alivia.


Rita said...

I'm glad Logan's OK and will pray for Alivia.