Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alivia is HOME!

Great News today! The baby is home. Her temperature went down last night and has stayed down. The doctor released her back into the real world. That kid got to the point she knew the nurses and which ones did what. She told the ones that wanted her oxygen levels to 'hurry up' and the ones that wanted blood 'no'. If one thing can be said about Alivia - she has spunk!

On the stitching front - I have my first finish of 2013. No one said they had to be big - just done.

More Snow
by Val's Stuff
Lugana Pewter 28ct
DMC Floss
I have two pieces in various stages of stitched upon. Neither close to being done. Maybe by the end of the weekend?!

Here are a few scenes from our anniversary trip ~

View from the porch 
View from the deck
The whole reason we went -
the hot tub!
You can see there is a line of ice on the lake. I have lived by this lake my entire life and never seen it in the winter. I have other pictures of it completely iced over. Way too cool.

If you notice the middle picture - it might be a bit familiar - that fall picture I use on my header - it was taken 4 cabins from this one. The view is nearly identical - just higher on the hill.

Rob and Logan are up fetching the parts for Logan's truck. Hopefully, he'll be back on the road in his own vehicle before long. I hate having someone else drive my car. I know, I know...thankfully, there is another car to drive.

Ok, time for me to go make dinner. Meatloaf and potatoes - not going to win any awards for tonight's meal. :)



Krista said...

Yum, meatloaf and potatoes sound de-lish to me. Your new snowman is the cutest. Pretty photos by the lake, looks really serene!

Countrywoman said...

glad the little one is back home, pics are wonderful thanks for sharing and love the xstitch finish

Dawn said...

Beautiful pictures- I hope you had time to relax, where are the cabins? Are they rentals? Glad to hear the baby is home, frightening no matter how resilient they are. Awesome new finish, your ahead of me :)

Tina said...

Love the snowman, so cute!

Linda said...

Congrats on the finish Denise. Love the lake pics.


Melody said...

Great news about the little one! Glad she's back home and all is well. Congrats on your finish and looks like you had a very relaxing anniversary trip :)

Denise said...

Congrats on your first finish! More Snow is very cute!
Meatloaf and baked potatoes is what we had last night for supper. No awards here either but good comfort food.
Happy stitching

Unknown said...

a finish already? who does that? Well, I hope to have a finish today too so if that actually happens I will post it asap.
Cheers to Ailvia and bringing down the heat.
As always

Chris said...

Glad that Alivia is home and the truck repairs are progressing.
Great first finish!!

Vickie said...

I love your little snowman. Hey! I love meatloaf and mashed potatoes and corn. =)

Rita said...

Cute snowman!

It looks like a great anniversary trip. I would have enjoyed the hot tub too!

I thought I'd made some good progress on my snowman sal...until I realized I'd done all the lettering starting one stitch "off". Arghh!!!

Rita said...

I'm happy to read that Alivia has improved enough to come home. Hope she's all better asap!

Catherine said...

Good news for Alivia! Very pretty photos from your trip ~ where are those cabins?