Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Let it snow - let it snow - let it snow! The weatherman predicted 6-12" of the pretty white stuff. We got maybe 5" total. It is absolutely gorgeous out there. We are to have another 2" over the weekend. :)

Here are some scenes from our Christmas ~

Christmas at Mom's
Christmas Morning
(Didn't realize how close these shirts are until the post. The top shirt is teal and the bottom is powder blue. But, they look the same! Well, one does have a hood. Guess my favorite color!)

And here's something that caught me by surprise ~

Garin playing cards with Bridget on Christmas Eve
Finished another Santa just a few moments ago. 

I'll Get my Elves on That!
by L*K
scrap of linen
DMC floss
Think I'll take a small break from the Santas and move on to some snowmen. 

The middle and right patterns were presents this year. I think they will be new winter ornaments for the tree. Thinking 2013 may be the year of ornaments! 

Been giving my 2013 stitching list a bit more thought lately. Going to have to make out the official list tomorrow. My 2012 list didn't have as many finishes as I had hoped maybe 2013 will be better. Maybe I should rephrase that - I finished plenty in 2012 but not from the list!

Tomorrow Keri and I will venture forth to Pier 1. Hope the snow kept the bargain shoppers away today and there are bargains to be found. Wish me luck! 

Off to heat up dinner - that's the great thing about making lasagna - make too much and leftovers for days! :)


paula said...

Tomorrow the husband and I want to go Christmas Baking Shopping . . . if my head feels any better :)

Your shirts made me giggle . . I got two thermal weave shirts . . one orange and one red. Bet they will look alike in pictures too :) Oh well, I asked for them, so I guess I am like you, different colors that will photograph similar :)

Catherine said...

Oh how I wish we were getting snow here!! It started as snow, but quickly changed to sleet and rain and brutal winds! Yucky!

Melinda said...

We got a ton of snow too. I love it, but I will have a small problem getting to work this morning I will have to leave very early.

Chris said...

Looks like a lovely xmas Denise!
I love the Santa finish and your new snowman charts!
I hope that you found some great sales!

rosek1870 said...

Lots of finishes but not from the list huh? This is why I hate lists lol. My "hope" is to work on shores some more, I am attempting my first biscomu for an exchange due or 1/15 (so I know what I am doing this week), Under the Boardwalk by Pickle Barrel Designs (I saw it and it reminded me of all my husbands summers growing up in Seaside Heights which is now pretty much gone thanks to Sandy)and I like the ornament idea. I made 8 this year but gave them all away. I would love some for me! Good luck with the list and "Happy New Year"!

Teresa said...

Lovely family photos. Wish we could have some snow, how fun.
Can't wait to see your 2013 projects.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Linda said...

Another great Santa. Those are on my to start list for next year.


Anne said...

Lovely photos Denise! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!