Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Finally December!

And that means I can post about my L*K SAL! Been waiting for what seems like forever -- haha -- it's been a month. Drr. Anyway, you'll have to forgive me the wrinkles - forgot to get the iron out.

I finished Snow Fun this last month (minus the button) and worked on 6 other borders. Think December will find me stitching the snowman in the bottom left corner and finishing those other borders.

On Thursday night Logan scored some free tickets (because he works for the theater) to Tap Dogs. I had never heard of this show and am so incredibly happy I went! Go to the link and check out the videos! One of the most high energy shows I've ever seen. When did men start tap dancing and when did tap dancing become sexy?? These guys rock!

Then yesterday I did some lacing ~

Guiding Light
by Heritage Crafts
Christmas Tea
by Plum Street Samplers
That frame WAS made for Guiding Light. I must get another for the companion piece. Won't they look great on my wall this summer?

Found out yesterday morning DH had to work today. That meant no Christmas tree or movie today. He promises the movie for tomorrow. Since Courtney and Sheila (DD's bff since 4th grade) were here I enlisted Courtney to help bring up the tree from the basement. That was a trip! We made it though!

I tarfed (spelled backwards) around with it for about 4 hours and came up with this. Rob made it home and just smiled. Guess that means I did okay. (remember, you can go to the link on my sidebar to enlarge any of the pictures)

Christmas 2012

bottom - Rob and Courtney Christmas morning 2011
top - Logan, Courtney, and I - Myrtle Beach 2007

top - Me, middle - Courtney, bottom - Logan

I knew the photo existed of me playing with the tree. Made it a point all those years ago to get one of each of the kids. Too cool to put them all together. 

This morning finds me vacuuming the carpet again. Glitter does not come up very well. And there is glitter everywhere in this house - the ribbon at the top of the tree was COVERED in it, the reed curly things are COVERED in it, and some of the ornaments too. You should have seen me looking in the bathroom mirror at myself last night -- I looked like a should have been twirling around on the tree too. 

~~~~ Edited to add ~~~~
I forgot to show my stitched ornament's tree!

and a side view ~ 

This was an easy one! And no railing system to put up to display them. We have been trying to hook up with a store to buy the loft's railing and keep missing the store hours. Phooey, no railing in time for Christmas, but we may take that money and go get a new stove and dishwasher! Ha, now that's something I can get into! 

Think I'll work on my grocery list today - tis the time for cookies! And I must start making my list for foods needed for next weekend. Having all the women in the Mathews' family over for soup and sandwiches then we will go to Roscoe Village to shop and sing at the Candle-lighting. 

Update on the diet - I have now lost 22 pounds since August! I am using the Lose It! app on my android and it is amazing! It's a free app that counts your calories for you, helps with your goals, and keeps track of everything you would like to watch. The people pleaser part of me enjoys it when I am below my allotted calories and the competitive part likes the little mind games I play with myself. 

The app (and my will power) have avoided the bowl of M&M's on my bar with no problem. Why? One quarter cup of M&M's has 210 calories. That's a lot of other snacks I can eat. I have only gone over my allotted calories once and that was Thursday night - we stopped at Hardee's after the show and I got onion rings. My aunt got me a apple turnover - it was the turnover that got me! 

Well, I'm off to herd turtles (as Coni would say)
Hope this weekend finds you enjoying yourself and stitching!


Vickie said...

Your tree looks amazing! Hooray for you. 22 lbs!!

stitchersanon said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I am using this ap now. Lovely stitching and the tree looks amazing. Well done

CalamityJr said...

Love, love, love the tree! And the finishing, and... Way to go with the weight loss. Maybe (?) you'll even inspire me!

Tracey said...

Way to go with your weight loss! You must be so proud of yourself!

I just love your tree... so unique. Wish I could get in the mood to decorate :-(

Enjoyed looking at your stitching too!

Vicki said...

Congrats on the 22 lbs - I'm going to check out that app. Your photo tree is way cool! I love the idea and am going to write it down to think about for next year. Your stitching tree looks great too. Happy December!

Rita said...

Your LK snowmen/women project is coming along well. I really need to start mine. At least I have all the supplies I need. Maybe I'll even cut the fabric to size this weekend!

I love your trees....esp. using the family pictures. Great idea!!

Congratulations on the weight loss too!

Catherine said...

Your tree is wonderful ~ what a great idea!
Congrats on the weight loss! I should check that app out!

Unknown said...

First off - 22 oh my goodness - that is so WOW, Congrats Girl on all your hard work... Love the pictures on your tree - that is a brand new idea to me - I may steal it for real... Your snow fun is great and I LOVE Cranberry Tea.

stitchinpeanut said...

love the tree... your ornaments are lovely. Way to go on the weight loss... that is not an easy task.

Karen said...

What a cute idea... love the pics on the tree. Will have to file this one away for the future.

Love your stitched tree too...

happy stitching...

Chris said...

Whoo hoo Denise! Don't you love Lose It? It makes you really aware of what you are eating. I have lost over 50 lbs this year with the help of this app and Zumba. It is so great that it is a free app.
Both of your trees are amazing. You did a fantastic job.
I am looking forward to seeing your SAL progress!
Have a great week!

Anne said...

What a great post Denise! Well done on your Fat Men and Guiding Light framing. Christmas Tea is so pretty. Beautiful trees and very unique having the family photos hung from the branches! Way to go on loosing 22lbs!! That must have been hard!

Unknown said...

Your LK Snowman SAL is looking great!! Wonderful start!! Your tree is so pretty and major congrats on the weight loss!!!