Monday, December 10, 2012

If It Would Just Snow!

I am not a fan of gray deary days. Seems Ohio has had its share recently. Now if it were snowing - I'd be thrilled. But, it just keeps raining...

Had a blast over the weekend! All the women from my father's family came to the house. We had soup and sandwiches and then headed to the Candle Lighting Ceremony. Forgot to take my camera with me to that. Kinda glad too! I felt like a pack mule - all my pockets were full to bursting and my coat weighed a ton. Still not sure why I insisted on taking my large winter coat when it was 50 degrees out.

Here are some shots from the weekend -

Back Row - Keri, Tammy, Me, Megan, and Courtney
Front Row - Karen, Carol-Sue, Alivia, Melanie, and Britney
Alivia and Cohen
Wanted a pic of the two youngest - and you just never know what you may get.
Megan and Keri circa 1988
Megan and Keri today
The girls found a picture of themselves on the wall and decided to recreate it. Facial expressions and all. My how time has flown! These two are 9 months to the day apart in ages and are first cousins once removed.

Finished a couple of stitches - still need to do the beading. Haven't taken pictures yet because of that fact. They are Christmas by jardesigns and Peace on Earth by Katidid. This week finds me plinking away on my Fat Guy/Belles SAL. I have my snowman for the month done and am trying to get some of the 'extra' stitching finished.

Nothing much on the agenda this week. Tomorrow I go to see DD's tree and over the weekend to my sister's. All the shopping and wrapping is finished. Stocking stuffer's need to be stuffed in the stockings. Otherwise, I have some special food to buy for the holiday

Sent out my Christmas cards today. Wonder what the mailman thought of that bundle in my mailbox. Starting to get a few! And they look smashing in my new card holder.

Do you think I can delay making dinner for a bit longer and go stitch? There is this tree that needs snow and I really want to finish it!

Have a great day!


paula said...

LOVED the pictures of the cousins . . . looks like something my cousins and I would re-create.

CalamityJr said...

LOVE all the family photos! Had to laugh, though - you did say you wanted a pic(k) of the youngsters! Thanks for sharing.

April said...

Hello Denise!!I am catching up on blog reading. Had the crud for a couple of days!! Looks like the family had a great time! I wanted to say I love your trees!!

Shari said...

looks like a great time was had by all......and did you get some snow last night??? We got a light coating over night...just enough to say yes, it snowed!

Chris said...

Looks like an amazing weekend!
The holidays are definitle kicking into high gear.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

wow love the pictures and what did you put in the postmans drink....they sure moved fast on that one....Thank you my friend...Cheers and As always

Catherine said...

Looks like a fun time!