Wednesday, December 12, 2012

As My Grandmother Would Say...

Cussy Damn! That was her harshest language. I never heard anything worse. It took a LOT to get her to even mutter this. Well, today finds me muttering this and much worse.

Remember a few weeks ago I went to my LNS and brought home all those L*K Santas? I thought I had done so well getting two pieces of Cashel (14x18" and 15x20") Ha, I thought those two pieces would cover all the Santas. Did I even look at the stitch size? I don't remember but if I did - what was I thinking??

Needless to say, this morning found me starting to kit them up. Imagine my surprise when I am writing down the stitch size and add 4" to each...those small 6x6" suddenly became 10x10" projects. I had enough fabric for 4 of the projects. Oh, there will be a few inches of scrap but I don't think I can quilt them together and make a bigger piece of linen.

I just went to an ONS and looked at the prices. Umm, that pen I got DH and those 3 spindles now seem like wasted money. So, I must wait to order the linen. I HATE waiting. Oh, I could transfer some money and call it good but I don't want to.

So now I'm pouting. What a child I am. How dare I have to wait - that's the thing about the internet. Instant gratification. Point, click, and voila -- the item is on its way.

And then also today - I found out I broke my memory card for my camera. Somehow I managed to break the lock thing on the side of the card. I can't take anything on or off the card. I think the lock thingy is still in my computer.


Well, I'm going to drag my heiny into the stitching room and prepare my 4 pieces of linen. Guess I'm having my Monday today.

Crossing my fingers things go well from here -


Lesleyanne said...

How frustrating for you. I hope things get better from here.

Dawn said...

Ugh, how awful! I just drove to my LNS for one skein of CC Hickory Sticks and she had none in, I didn't want it to be a wasted trip on gas so I bought some scraps of linen and then came home and ordered at a ONS the only think that I needed. I either spend it on gas for the drive or on shipping, lol.

Hope they send it to you quickly!

Vickie said...

Hope your night is smooth sailing Denise. HUGS

paula said...

Oh Poopy! That was the phrase Aunt Ruth said. And, like your grandma, it took a lot to get her there.

Now, Dad, her brother, made up for her lack of using colorful words.


Mouse said...

ohhh mintballs ... what a pain ... hope you can get some more soon :)
fingers and paws crossed that things improve love mouse xxxx

Linda said...

Sorry about the oopsy Denise. I hate when that happens.


Melinda said...

Fingers crossed and looking forward to seeing your Santas. Love them

Chris said...

So sorry you are having these crappy little setbacks.
Today will be better!

Rita said...

How frustrating!

Catherine said...

Ugh!! Hold on ~ the weekend is almost here ~ hopefully things will be smooth sailing for you!