Thursday, December 13, 2012

All is Well!

I swear, all I had to do is go look in my stash and see if I had more fabric yesterday. I did and now all the Santa projects are kitted. Guess I was just feeling sorry for myself.

Here's my progress from last night -

Unwrap the Joy
Lizzie Kate
28ct Summer Khaki
DMC and hand dyed floss

And I decided to take pictures of those two finishes that need beads. At least you can get the idea of what they are supposed to look like.

28ct PTP Valor
floss included in pattern

Peace on Earth
28ct Jobelan BayLeaf
DMC floss

Made some cookies today. Now, to behave and not have more than two per day! Thank goodness there were only 41 in the batch!

Think I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon stitching and waiting on Rob to get home.
Hope today has been a happy on for you!


Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on Santa. Glad you managed to find some fabric that will be suitable. Lovely finishes.

Mouse said...

ooo well done on finding the fabbie and kitting them out :) and yeahhhh cookies all round then ??? love mouse xxxxx

♥ Nia said...

Lovely stitching :) looking for to see more progress on your Santa :D

Dawn said...

All three pieces are beautiful, so glad to hear you had stash!

Parsley said...

I have that Santa to stitch! Well done!

Oh cookies? I eat at least four per serving and have at least two servings per baking day. Lol

Linda said...

Great start Denise. At that rate, you'll have them all done in a month.


Rita said...

Beautiful stitching.

I love that little LK Santa.

Melinda said...

So happy you were able to kit up the rest of the Santas. I should make some cookies.. I love the Frosted Cut outs

Catherine said... the holiday stitches!

Maggee said...

You have made a great start on the LK piece! And glad you found fabric in your stash to kit up your projects. I am going to stalk the internet for that katidid tree chart--gotta see how it looks with beads! Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces! Hugs, and Merry Christmas!

Chris said...

Lovely finishes! So glad things are better!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

kitting up projects> now that's just way to organized....
oh and for the record.....
Henley's Landing, 1st 3rd 5th Centre 2nd & 4th every month.....
I dare ya

CalamityJr said...

Interesting... I read this post yesterday on my phone but wanted to see your photos on the bigger computer screen, so here I am again. Now I'm curious, did anyone else wonder if the pattern you showed with the Santa stitching was the wrong one? Go back and look and then tell me you don't see Santa's legs sticking up, out of the chimney he fell into! Sorry, but that's the way I it looks to me!

Anne said...

Love your finishes Denise!! Looking really great! I always find it hard to limit myself to 2 cookies when I make I don't make them too often!!