Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Goals and A Look at 2013

Planned to do this post at a more reasonable time Saturday morning. Insomnia has come to visit and after lying in bed for over an hour I gave up. Here I am ready to wrap up 2012 and start afresh with 2013.

Here were my 2012 goals -

Winter Forest - x3 - LHN
Safe Harbor - Heritage Crafts
Guiding Light - Heritage Crafts 
I Pledge - La D Da
St Patrick bird - HIH
Easter bird - HIH
Thanksgiving bird - HIH
Birthday bird - my own inspired by HIH
6 Fat Men - L*K -- two done
Homeward Trail in Winter- magazine
Goodwill to Men - Falling Star
Holly Noel - JBW Designs
Christmas Blessing Sampler - Falling Star
Battle Hymn of the Republic - LHN
272 Words - Primrose Needleworks
Snow in Love - LHN
Silent Night - LHN
Seasons Greetings - BC
Snowflake Serenade - CCN
A Day at the Beach - CCN
4 Santa Portraits - Carol Emmer
Santas in Red - magazine
Winter Cardinal - magazine

Continue on with -
Blackbird - All Through the Night
Bunnies, Buds, & Berries - Katidid
Red Birds - magazine
Colorful Sky - Mystic Stitch
One Nation - ByGone Stitches
Birch Forest - Mystic Stitching
Portland Headlight Lighthouse - Calico Stitching

Plus I finished another 27 projects! I managed to get a whopping 48 pieces stitched. Not a record but nearly one finish per week! You'll notice I did finish two of the six Fat Men. And 272 Words is a SAL that just didn't fall together this year - we plan to attack it in 2013.

And that got me to thinking about 2013 - Care to see the list?

Since I am in a SAL of the Fat Guys/Snow Belles I'll list them first - Ice Queen, Blizzard Babe, Baby, It's Cold Outside, All Dressed Up, Snow House, Snow Friends, Snow Day, Frosty Friends, Snowed In, and Ready for Snow.

CalamityJr and I still plan to do 272 Words by Primrose Needleworks.

I have all the L*K Santa Snippets to do - Santa's Got the Goods, Merry HoHo, A Good Night, Socks and Underwear, 'Tis the Season, Ready or Not, Wanted!, Merry Friends, By Golly Be Jolly, Here Comes Santa Claus, Just Be Claus, and 2013 Santa Snippet.

Then I showed you the 3 Val's Stuff snowmen I fell for - Snow, More Snow, and Got Snow?

In looking through my patterns I came up with these - 1 of the 4 Santa Portraits by Carol Emmer (left over from 2012), Promise of Spring and 47 Hearts by SilverCreek Samplers, Tree Farm and Six Little Cardinals by LHN, Safe Harbour by Heritage Crafts, Falling Leaves (no designer name on it), and a pattern sent to me by CalamityJr's daughter.

I also fell in love with the Hare Series by Paulette at Plum Street Samplers - I'm going to do them all! Hare's Summer, Halloween, Happy Haunting, Easter, Lucky Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, New Year, Autumn, Autumn Blessings, Winter, and Christmas. Have to wonder is there a Hare's Spring that I have missed?

And I WANT to FINISH - Colorful Sky by Mystic Stitch as my one BAP. Forgot - I have a mid-winter and birthday present to stitch too.

Now to total these up - Oh my Goodness - is that 49? Yep - it is! But, only 1 large piece, 11 are SAL, 16 are ornaments and the rest are small to medium in size. Nothing to serious when you think about it.

Although, by Jan 2nd I hope to be in the basement cleaning it out. Last year I put in 3 months making black and white photos for this year's Christmas tree. In 2013, I want the basement cleared out. No family should have so much stuff stored! Use it, pitch it, give it away, or sell it! And I want to get back to "Genealogy Wednesdays."

I fell off my weight wagon with a thump over Christmas. Actually, when I found out my scales were broken and the new ones showed very little weight loss I went into a funk. I used Christmas as an excuse to eat cookies, candy, and just plain overeat. I stopped exercising and am now feeling the pain again in my back/joints. So, somehow, I must find a balance between exercising and sitting to stitch. Any suggestions are welcome! :) Is there a way to stitch and ride a stationary bicycle??

When I got up at 1:30 the snow wasn't falling by 2a the cars were covered. We are to get 2-4" tonight/Saturday morning. Looks like the weather man nailed it again! And more snow Monday/Tuesday. Think we are trying to make up for the winter-less winter of 2011-12!

I'm off to update my Goal Page and then head to bed again. DH is up at 4:30 - maybe I'll be able to sleep by then!


Melinda said...

WOW that is a lot of finishes - and some wonderful goals for 2013. Looking forward to your WIP pics in the new year.

I have the same Weight/Exercise/Food struggles. Hoping 2013 will be a year and if I figure out a way to stitch and Move at the same time, will be sure to share

Thoughts your way

Vickie said...

Hi Denise! It is still snowing here in Wisconsin. We have almost 3" now.
Due to pain, I am able to only use the treadmill in short durations now. I do it for 12 to 15 minutes at a time. I try to do it every 2 hours for the whole day. It adds up, and it does keep you going. Also, that might provide you with little breaks from stitching. =)

Parsley said...

Oh girl, this is a fun list! I was laying in bed trying to debate which projects to work on and feeling guilty I ordered more items when I had so much pending.

Your list gives me hope. ha!

rosek1870 said...

Wow that is some finished list!! You are amazing my friend. Right now I am watching the snow fall and sitting on the couch getting ready to stitch. I wish you all the luck in the world with your 2013 goals! I fell off the weight wagon too. Hope to do better in 2013!

Catherine said...

Wow!! You have been busy!! Look like you have the coming year all planned out!

Linda said...

You did a great job on your 2012 goals Denise. I too, have all the LK santas and have them on my 2013 stitching goals. There is a Hare's Spring on 123 Stitch. Good luck with your goals. I'm looking forward to watching your starts and progress.


Maggee said...

Congrats on all those great finishes! I have enjoyed seeing them! Written Goals--not my thing, but I do HOPE to stitch on my four larger Christmas projects and lots of birds!! I have plenty to work on if that gets boring! WIPS, kitted charts, freebies... You know the drill. Your family pictures in the previous post were great! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!