Saturday, November 10, 2012

Missing In Action...

This poor blog just isn't seeing me around much. I can make excuses. But would rather just tell you what I've been up to.

Here's Snowflake Serenade ~

Snowflake Serenade
by CCN
Coffee linen
DMC floss
The colors really pop in real life. But are washed out in every picture I take. :(

Then I started this one ~

Goodwill to All
by Falling Star
Clay Jobelen
DMC floss
And when it grows up  it'll look like this ~

It's one I've had in my stash for at least a year. I have another pattern by this designer that I hope to complete yet this Christmas season.

Told you I wanted to start my Christmas shopping this week. Well, I have 5 people complete and two others started. That leaves two exchanges and DH. Not only did I start the shopping but the deliverymen have been busy. I thought what the heck and wrapped everything too. Now to wait until the 'appropriate' time to put the tree up.

On another note - remember way back when I told you I had lost 4 pounds. Ha - fell off that wagon and it came back. Then I found another wagon and jumped on. So far - 15 pounds since August! My pants are getting loose and I need to get a belt.

So between shopping, wrapping, exercising, and stitching - I've been busy.

Hope this finds you smiling and enjoying the day!


Vickie said...

I am smiling now Denise. Good for you! I am trying to lose a few pounds I have gained over this last season due to not walking from pain. So frustrating. But I am being diligent.

paula said...

COngrats on needing a belt for your pant. I'm not quite there yet, butthe sweats are starting to ride low on the hips so I might need to buy a smaller size for this winter . . WOO-HOOOOOOO!

stitchinpeanut said...

weight loss.... Awesome! I battle my weight so much....I know how hard that is... way to go!
Oh your finishes are just WONDERFUL! I jusy adore snowmen.

Catherine said...

Great stitches!
Congrats on the wagon ~ trying to stay on one myself, but sometimes it is hard!

CalamityJr said...

All that music - I'm loving it! Is the other piece another Christmas song? As for me, I'm trying to install a new router now so hopefully I'll be back on the big(ger) screen soon. Have to wait ten minutes so I came here and here you are. Lucky me!

Parsley said...

LOVE the Snowflake Serenade! I wish I had used even darker fabric to make the colors pop but it's still cute.

Unknown said...

CONGRATS on your loss... That is wonderful, pat yourself on the back. So excited for you.

Snowflake Serenade is beautiful.

Smiling today SU won...

Maggee said...

Oh wow--Serenade is so beautiful! Congrats on that finish! And on the new start, which looks pretty far along. I am working on a Shakespeare's Peddler piece that has that verse in it. Going to pull it out once I finish my 12 Days of Christmas exchange stuff. So let me know what you are doing as far as exercising to lose weight... I need to lose the extra ones I got from two rounds of prednisone for the bronchitis!! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you and enjoy pictures of your stitching. And congratulations on the weight loss!!

Shari said...

congrats on the weight loss....such a good feeling...I know!!!
Your stitching looks wonderful....stitch for me, would ya?!?!!?
I MUST have details on the second one...the Christmas song one!!! Love it!!!

Chris said...

Lovely stitching!!
Congratulations on the weight loss!!

rosek1870 said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I tried lost 10 pounds, gained them back and then some. I am now at least back where I started. Beautiful finishes. I will have to look for the Snowflake Serenade. Not that I need any more stash lol.

Linda said...

Congrats on losing the weight. Sure wish I could. Your making great progress on your pieces.


♥ Nia said...

Congrats on your finish! beautiful :)

Teresa said...

Love you snowflake serenade.
To have a pattern in your stash for only a year is great to me. I have many a lot older.
Glad you are back on the wagon. I need to jump on with you.
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