Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flying Through

Good Afternoon everyone! Have a few things to share and then I MUST go clean up my stitching room. I had insomnia the other night and I tore all the fall decoration down and got out the winter/Christmas ones. I have stuff everywhere in there.

First up a finish ~

Goodwill to Men
Falling Star Primitives
Clay linen
DMC floss
The pattern calls for you to hand dye the fabric after stitching. I think there is enough movement in this that to do so would be redundant.

Yesterday was Garin's 6th birthday and we had a small party for him Sunday ~

I can not believe how much that little boy has grown. And he's not the least bit excited to open presents! lol Notice how Alivia is so ready for a kiss and Rob is licking her. She doesn't mind! Her mommy minds though -- the other day Keri was playing nosies with her and Alivia licked her up the side of the face...wonder where she learned this??

Went to a Tree Festival the other day and saw this cutie !

at Warther's Museum
The person who decorated this used jingle bells as his buttons and then all white ornaments for 'sparkle.' I voted for this as my favorite!

Off to upload several pictures to my slideshow, print more pictures out, clean up the dining room table from all my finishing yesterday, and then clean up my room! Maybe I should have gotten my shower earlier and got moving this morning...

Have a wonderful day!


Erica said...

What a pretty finish!

rosek1870 said...

Beautiful finish Denise! I love it! You are ahead of me in the decorating! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!

Maggee said...

There it goes again--the guilt over not getting MY piece with that verse in it, out of the WIP pile, and into currently being stitched... Plus, I really LIKE yours! Gorgeous! Look forward to seeing it framed! Not a fan of licking either... But my family started a new thing... we joke around when we are all together in my van, like on vacation. One time, my eldest daughter decided to scare the driver next to us by LICKING the window on their side--like she was trying to get to them! It was hilarious!! So, now, when we talk about traffic and idiot drivers, the question usually comes up about ''did you lick them??" Hugs!

Jules said...

I absolutely love that tree!

Your stitched piece is very cute. I agree, there is a lot of movement in it already.

Chris said...

Lovely finish!
Looks like you have been having lots of fun!

Melinda said...

Now it does surprise me you would pick this Snowman Tree. It is very cool. Am on a new mission to find one of those sleds.

Vickie said...

Just look at Garin's smile. Happy Birthday little guy!

barbara said...

That's a beautiful finish! And happy birthday greetings to that cutie of yours! :)

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to Garin!!
Love your finish!!