Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 4 - SAL

Week 4 already?? That's a month - where did that time go? My stitching schedule for Jack is usually a few hours in the morning on Monday. Last Monday found me doing laundry and dishes - so I added a few hours the next day.

Hoping this week finds me with the top half finished! As you can see I finally got the green floss involved! Many more purple motifs, a pair of shoes, and another circle and some skulls.

But, I have the kids over this week for two days and possibly four. I may be lucky to touch a needle!

By the end of the week, I had another ornie finished. It took much longer than expected...solid stitching. Changed the g on night - still not sure it was a good choice.

Silent Night
by LHN
scrap of linen
recommended floss
Friday morning found me without a project - and staring at the last 2 ornaments remaining. And I couldn't do another Christmas themed thing. So, I picked up a sepia toned lighthouse. I don't have the details on hand - sorry.

But, the instructions have thrown me a bit. Have you ever seen stitches like this?

Side by side full stitches in the space of one stitch? These weird 'vertical half stitches' are what got me!

I've got an hour and half until Miss Alivia (Mooch) will be here. Better get moving and get those stitches in.

Hope your week is as beautiful as you are!


Deb said...

Those look like some complicated stitches - although I'll bet whatever it is will look nice.

Ma Teakettle said...

Jack is coming along fab, Denise, I give you credit as I have a hard time with mono-toned WIPs...I get bored so easily as you know I am such a terrible color floozie...keep up the good work, it is beautiful!
I love "Silent Night" and the "g" is brilliant, I say great choice! :)
I have never seen such stitchy instructions, I can't wait to see what the stitchy pals have to say, as well as your progress and finish, very exciting that you are heading into "uncharted territory" (giggle, no pun intended) for us all.
Have a great day, kiddo, and I send back to ya the hope for a day as beautiful as YOU are :)

paula said...

I can remember doing work with stitches like the weird chart you have. . . that is what got me away from straight cross stitch . . it makes the work look more like a sampler.

Oh, and I like the "g" in night . . . gives it a little kick.

Cath said...

Have seen those stitches before , Heritage Stitchcraft do them a lot . It's not so bad on evenweave , but a PITA on aida.
It is very effective with shading and detail .

Catherine said...

Love Jack! I'm still laughing at Ma being a "color floozie"!
I think your G looks fabulous.
I have never seen instructions like that ~ you'll have to show us what the stitches look like!

CalamityJr said...

I've seen those stretched out stitches but haven't done them yet. I don't think they'll be so bad - you can do it!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on Jack. Great ornie finish. Complicated stitches.