Monday, October 29, 2012

I Built Two Houses This Week!

Have been watching the news continuously this morning. 
Sandy is being a *itch for Halloween. 
So much for treats -- 
she's going straight to the nasty tricks. 
Please everyone, take care and evacuate if needed. 
My heart and prayers are with you all. 

Today April and I had hoped to finish The House That Jack Built II finished. As far as I know, April and I neither finished. Next week's post...I promise! 

I did get my house finished! It went better than I thought it would. I'm fudging around the bottom right corner. I messed it up by one stitch and now things based on that are just a tad too close. Notice the pumpkin to the right of the house and the leave above it. Plain laziness is my excuse for not frogging. All those skulls around the outside are going to be a pain. Hence the reason they are being saved for last. 

My second house is finished but for the snow on the roof. 

The lighting for the pictures is terrible. Nothing could help though -- we've had constant cloud cover since Saturday. This has been a great little stitch. Loving the colors! 

Since I've gathered up everything outside - there is nothing more to do for fall. Just in time for the storm. Wondering if Sandy will effect us like Ike did a few years ago. We were without power for a week. I'm considering making all the meals for the week today. We have a generator but...

Well, laundry is definitely on my to-do list. Better get moving. 

Take care everyone - stay safe!


rosek1870 said...

Hello my friend, We are hanging with "Sandy" today. School was closed and just got the word that we will be closed tomorrow. Wind is really picking up now but we still have power. Love your stitching!!

Anne said...

Lovely houses you are stitching Denise. I've been "watching" Sandy too....hoping that she doesn't wreck too much havic on the east coast

Grit said...

Beautiful stitching.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Grit said...

I wish you the best .
My heart is with you.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Both WIPS...looking GREAT!

Linda said...

Great progress on both pieces Denise. Please stay safe from the storm.


Parsley said...

Your Halloween stitch is looking great! Love the white Christmas design. I have that one framed.

Chris said...

Beautiful progress. Sounds like you are having good stitching weather.

Catherine said...

Love the piece you are stitching with April. You have built two fine houses!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Those indeed are fine house! I am going to hate doing all those skulls too! lol But it will look great when finished! The pictures I am seeing this morning of the damage from Sandy are horrible. Hope you are safe!