Monday, October 15, 2012

Go Get a Cuppa...

It's been another week and I'm not sure where the days have gone! It's SAL update time again.

Thought I did more than this but...Think this takes me to the halfway point. Finished up the upper band, added the stem to the bat on the right, the skull and stem in the middle is new, a stem showed up on the left, and the rooftop has been started. This week should find me building the house!

And I made progress on Guiding Light -

Amazing how the reflection from the sun shows on this picture. The top is finished. Need to add the beachy area this week.

Calamity Jr (Mary Jane) and I are considering a SAL involving the 6 Fat Guys and 6 Snow Belles. I've combined all 12 into one piece. We were wondering if anyone would like to join us?

Here's a snip from the computer of my combo pattern -

A quick recap of last week - went  to the doctor and that went rather well. Most numbers were good and my cholesterol was fabulous (her words). Have to go get my boobs squeezed Thursday and she made an appointment for me to go to the gyno. Ick.

Had a 3 year old's birthday party to attend. When did children's birthday parties become such a production?? Every kid gets a goody bag? Games - those I understand but I bet there were 30 people at this thing!

Then yesterday found me taking my time getting to the shower and it bit me in the butt. Got my time in on my bike, ate breakfast late, and cleaned up the porch for winter. All the furniture has been washed off and stacked up ready for a tarp. The cushions are sitting in my dining room waiting for me to remove the spider poop from them.

But, I didn't get my shower until 6p! My aunt showed up and I hung out with her for the day. Thank goodness she didn't mind b.o.

This week - the aforementioned mammo, a genealogy class, an auction, and a 2 year old's birthday party. Busy week shaping up.

It's nearing 9a and if I don't get busy - I'll not make any progress today.
Hope this week finds you healthy and happy!


barbara said...

Lovely stitching progress!

Unknown said...

I love the idea of stitching the L*K 6 fat men and 6 snowbelles together! How large will your finished piece be? I'm definitely considering joining your SAL if you'll have me!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

oh you busy girl you. The SAL sounds like fun and if'n there were a few more months in this year I'd be in like smoke from a pipe. Cheers to keeping busy.

Linda said...

Great progress on all your pieces Denise. Love the idea of all 12 snow people on one piece, but I'm tired of working on biggies. Love to see your stitching.


Unknown said...

Too funny - Birthday Party Productions, I worry about those parents - if they do all this when they turn 3, can you imagine those Sweet 16s.

Chris said...

Great progress Denise and congrats on the fabulous cholesterol.
Have a great week!

Catherine said...

You've certainly been busy! Great progress on your projects!