Monday, September 10, 2012

Week One SAL

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Can you beat today's weather in Ohio? Today found us enjoying partly cloudy skies, temps hovering around 70, and a nice breeze. Lord, may I order another 365 days like today?

As you know I started a SAL with April last week. I must admit to only getting a few hours of stitching in this week. I stand before you with my head hanging -- 

At least I ironed it before taking the picture! :)

I did put a little order in to 123stitch - I got a few goodies.

Top Left - Six Little Cardinals by LHN
Top Right - It's Snow Cold by LHN
Bottom Left - Snow Day by L*K
Bottom Right - Tree Farm by LHN
Spent today in the car. Drove with MIL to find a cemetery in PA. Took pictures of about every headstone there. Eight hours total on the road - 15 minutes at the cemetery. 

Time to get some house work done. haha...


Catherine said...

Great stitches and stash! But what I really want to know is, why the long drive for a cemetery? There must be more to the story!!!!

April said...

You have so much more done than me!!! I would have liked to been driving around today.. I am still packing my daughter's things out of our other home.. Great stash there!!

paula said...

Finally got a hunt on Blogger help as to why I was seeing blogs all goofy . . . translated "nerd speak" into "teacher speak" and fixed the problem :0}

Now, your blog looks right . . whew!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new start. Great new stash.

Maggee said...

I have traveled cross country a few times to go cemetery hopping! That's genealogy! Now I travel up and down the east coast. Someday maybe I can get to Cuba! Before ALL the records disintegrate! Your stash is definitely gearing up for the holiday season approaching--I look forward to the finishes! Hugs!

Chris said...

Great new start and stash!
I love this weather!