Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 3 - SAL Update

Thank you everyone that commented on the post where I pouted about my weekend. Turned out to be better than I thought it would be. Once I put on my big girl panties and got them out of the twist they were in - things went well. We rode around and found a new lake (really, it's been there forever but we could never find it.) and then headed to Carrabba's for dinner. Nothing like chicken parmesan to make this girl smile. Oh and the fact I brought a chocolate brownie mousse thing home for dessert. Sunday found me in pj's until after noon. And doing nothing impressive! All was well in my little home.

It seems as if Fall is here to stay. Can we get a who-rah from the crowd? Looking out my window this morning the sky is the most beautiful blue. The leaves are starting to reveal their true brilliant color. The air is crisp - we had a low of 36 degrees. Enough of a frost to kill the ragweed? Not sure, and looking at today - I don't care. I'll admit I still have a window open at night and my ceiling fan still spins. Granted the blankets are now pulled up to my chin and I'm slinking further down in the bed - but oh, glory day - Fall is here!

Can you tell I love me some fall?!

As much as I love fall - I've started working on my Christmas ornaments. Always a season ahead. As of this morning I finished Snow in Love by LHN and have kitted up Silent Night.

This always a season ahead thing...just realized that this thought process is why I always want my Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and by Dec 26th - take it down! Maybe if I can hold off until Dec 8th to put the tree up - it could stay there until Dec 31st like DH prefers. But, that could be problematic - I'm hosting a gathering before we head to Roscoe Village's Candle Lighting. Things to ponder!

Here I am half way down the page and have yet talked about the SAL! April and I are still strolling along on The House that Jacks Built II. We may be done by Halloween - maybe not - for once I am taking my time on a project and not going like my hair is on fire. (side note - have you ever read spinsterstitcher? She has actually caught her hair on fire twice from her stitching lamp)

My progress this third week ~

All of two pumpkins and a bat! But, on the upside - you can now see the purple in a picture!

On the genealogy front - My sister and I have plans to attend the local library's genealogy lock-in this Friday night. It's only for 2 hours but we get free access to their reference sites and microfiche - plus help if needed. (big grin) And DH has a new first cousin twice removed. The baby boy was born yesterday morning. Waiting for all his info.

I think this Monday post has run long enough - if you are still here - congratulations you made it to the end. Also, thank you everyone who puts up with this drivel and comments. I do read them all and appreciate every one! You'll never know how much those comments mean to me.

Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!


Melinda said...

Big WHO RAH... Love Fall too - the Colors, the Smell and Some Football.

Your posts are amazing - always stay till the end. I am with DH, leave the decorations up a little bit longer.

Anonymous said...


It's Autumn here and it's pouring down!

Your SAL looks lovely.
I like your posts too!

paula said...

Would you like to know what is REALLY GREAT about Fall . . . ? It means that WINTER is just around the corner . . . it is my most wonderful time of the year ! ! ! !

Keep those needles flying and Jack's House will be done in no time.

Nancy said...

Definitely a big WHO RAH for Fall! Love the changing colors and the crisp cool air and snuggling down under the covers at night!

My Christmas decorating time runs the same as yours, up the day after Thanksgiving and down the day after Christmas...but things will have to be different this year since my daughter has to work on Christmas so we won't celebrate Christmas as a family until the weekend after Christmas!

rosek1870 said...

There are days when I am convinced we are the same person. I love the Spinster Stitcher. I read it to DH and we sit and laugh! My window (next to the bed) is still open and my ceiling fan is on high!! I would love a frost and dogs and I are under the covers. Would love to have my tree up Thanksgiving weekend and I am not happy if it is not down on New Years day! I know you are enjoying this beautiful weather as much as I am.
Hugs Rose

Parsley said...

I love fall too! Got a taste of fall temps and now it's over 90 again. sigh

Great progress on your SAL

Catherine said...

I am so happy for fall here too! Your sal piece is looking good! The whole tree thing is a non issue with us this year. With the puppy, we are not putting up the big tree, but will instead do a small tabletop tree ~ I like the idea of easy up and easy down, but am sad about not having our big tree.