Monday, September 17, 2012

SAL - Week Two

I got to stitch more this week than planned. But, soon realized I needed to switch from Jack to something else. Think I made some decent progress ~

The House that Jacks Built II
by Prairie Moon

It looks like I did more than I actually did. I finished the rectangle left over from last week, got the outside border done (minus the skulls), 6 little purple motifs, and put one small skull in so I could start a bat. Oh, and the big round things. Unfortunately you can't tell by the picture that I have more than one color on this thing! :(

Now to see what April got done! Bet her's looks wonderful and much more logically stitched. Wanna put any bets on that? I can be the most haphazard stitcher in the world!

Was thinking earlier what I have planned for the week. I have to wrap DD's birthday presents. I'd tell you what they are but the little sneak might guess that and pop over to the blog to see. Her party is Friday night - the big 22! Could someone please tell me where those years have gone? I could have sworn last year she was 10.

I have another cemetery I'd like to go to. And DH wants me to make Wedding Soup. Wonder if he wants one batch or two? Better get enough stuff from the store for two and call it good.

Well, these presents aren't wrapping themselves and I need to go out and about today.
Have a wonderful day!
Smiles ~ Denise


Shari said...

you made wonderful progress.....keep it up! Looks great.
Happy birthday to Courtney!

Linda said...

Great progress Denise. Happy Birthday to your daughter.


April said...

Denise, you got a lot done.. I am still in that upper block! lol I have had a busy last week. It is raining here.. Maybe more stitching time. I am about to post mine!!!

Chris said...

Great progress.
I think that you are right about the 2 batches :)

Deb said...

You're off to a great start on your piece. And I say go for two pots of soup - you can freeze one of them (that's what I do - we're big soup people around here).

Catherine said...

Great progress!
A very Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

Anonymous said...


Your blog is lovely and your stitching is looking great!
Hope you have a nice weekend.