Saturday, September 15, 2012


Got my JCS Christmas Ornament issue this week. Most of the ornies were not to my taste. Don't get me wrong they are cute, but just not for me. I found two I wanted to stitch - the color way one the on HAD to be changed.

Christmas Eve
by Pickle Barrel Designs
scrap 28ct linen
recommended WDW floss

Christmas Love
by Lizzie*Kate
scrap piece of pale pink 28ct linen
my color way
L*K had recommended WDW floss. I ended up using Crescent Color.

My conversions are - Cayenne to Pink Champagne
                             Holly to Apple Fritter
                             Linen to Snowball
                             Monkey Grass to Frozen Margarita

Should I rename Christmas Love to Valentine Love? Sorry the picture washed out - weird sunlight this morning. 

I've gotten my SAL stitching done for the week. And have decided to start 'It's Snow Cold' by LHN. For some reason I don't have the correct blue for it and had to wing it a bit too. 

This week has been the week of cemeteries! I told you about going to PA on Monday for my first. Tuesday found me a few miles from home at another, Wednesday - a few miles to the west, and yesterday my sister and I hit 4 south of town. That's 7 cemeteries in four days. And we did a drive by on one north! 

I've been told this is true genealogy! I've learnt a few things - 1) Never wear flip flops, 2) Don't take small children - they want to play with the flowers and sit on the graves, 3) Wait until the dew is off the grass, 4) Make sure the camera is charged and 5) Always take paper and chalk to rub the graves if needed! 

It's about time to turn on the game - may your team win today...unless your team is the California Golden Bears!

Hope this weekend finds you happy and healthy!


Natasha said...

Cute finishes!! I am still *not* patiently waiting for mine :)

O-H-I-O Lets go!!

Sherry said...

Your ornaments are lovely. I have been stuck on quilting and embroidery but have a few cross stitch projects waiting for completion and several waiting to be started. Have a great weekend.

CalamityJr said...

I haven't received my JCS yet, either, but I do like the designs you chose to stitch. I'd probably stitch the year instead of "eve" on the first. Your color changes are beautiful and can be either Christmas or Valentine so you get to keep it on display a loooong time. Smart lady!

Melinda said...

Great post. You are totally honest and very funny. Made my day

Vickie said...

I love the way you have done Christmas Love. I looked that one right over, I got my mag yesterday. I am going to stitch the one with all the snow, pink bushes/trees and the fawn.

April said...

Great finishes! I am stitch on the SAL tonight. I didn't find to many my taste either.. Have a great weekend of stitching!!

Carol said...

I haven't seen the new issue yet, Denise... Think I will take a good look at it before I decide whether or not to purchase it.

Love your finishes and the changes made on Christmas Love!!

Deb said...

Your finishes are great!

Chris said...

Lovely finishes. I am still digesting the issue and looking at what I might want to stitch.

Mouse said...

oooo nice ornaments you have made and well done on your conversions ....
love the facts re genealogy
love mouse xxxx

Catherine said...

Lovely projects! I have a copy waiting for me at the Strawberry Sampler ~ hopefully tomorrow I can run in and pick it up!

valerie said...

Great finishes and the color changes you made to "Love" look great. Really softens it up!