Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a Weekend and It's Only Half Done!

I can't stitch much OTT light bulb went kaput! :(

It had been buzzing - should have known - turned it on yesterday morning and nothing. Darkness. I wanted to cry. My plans immediately changed from staying at home and doing laundry to heading to Jo-Ann's for a replacement bulb. Oh, they had replacement bulbs and they were half off - all screw ins. Mine is a plug-in. They couldn't/wouldn't order one for me from Headed to Lowe's - nothing - the lady behind the counter looked frightened at the thought of looking up a part number and ordering one. (Mind you, I've now been to the OTT website and Lowe's is supposed to carry these bulbs.) Headed to the local lighting store - we're not an OTT dealer - call this number and order one.

Came home and stewed - went to and they showed my bulb. Went to order today and the bulbs are out of stock. was out of stock. Finally, Amazon came through and I should have 2 sometime between Sept 6 and 12th!!! That's 3 WEEKS.

Today found us at an auction. Didn't get a thing and only stayed for 15 minutes. Came home and headed to Zanesville. DH came home with a new-to-him Harley Davidson.

Told the one salesman who asked if he could help me - "This is all him. This is a midlife crisis. It's this or a 22 year-old blonde." The salesman said, "Well, at least with this - you can take the keys."

Haven't stitched much but did manage to finish these ~

Thanksgiving Bird
Heart in Hand
unknown 14ct aida
DMC floss

St Patrick Bird
Heart in Hand
unknown 14ct aida
DMC and GAST floss
Not pleased with this picture - the floss is light on the fabric but the picture washed out things even worse. One more LL bird to go - Easter. It's kitted up and waiting on me. Now to find a bright spot to sit. Sigh.

Wishing you many happy stitches for the rest of the weekend.


Lana said...

So sorry to hear of the craziness for one tiny bulb!!! =( Love your stitching! Hubby's new toy looks like fun!

paula said...

I suggest sitting on your front porch with a glass of something nice and stitching your little heart away :0}

April said...

Denise.. After your Ott bulb experience.. I better find me on as a backup.. lol At least he got something you can enjoy too. lol My hubby buys construction equipment. Yuck! Cute stitching!! Have fun!

DebbieSFL said...

Man, I would not be happy if my ott light blew!! But I have found that Amazon usually delivers faster then (sp) their rooting for a faster delivery for you!

Maggee said...

What a hunt! For light bulbs! Come on now people--do your jobs and be ready when our OTT lights burn out! Nice bike for hubby, and hopefully you on the back once in a while! I LOVE being a passenger! Haven't been in quite some time, since I changed husbands, but I still would love it! You are SO tempting me on the LL patterns! Hugs!

Stitchinowl said...

Light bulb replacements can be such a pain sometimes! Love your birds. I have them in my stash and need to start stitching them!

Natasha said...

Sorry to hear of your ordeal finding a light bulb. I found mine at Micheals it was 40% off and I had a 10% coupon.

My Dh liked your Hubbys bike! He wants also... I think a bike woudl be easier to handle than a 22 year old blond anyway Hahaha
have a great day!

Mouse said...

love that bike and your salesman was funny :)
sorry about your bulb ... mine has gone in my sewing machine and I need to find one and its a baynet fitting too ...
well done on your finishes :)
love mouse xxx

Chris said...

Wow! How frustrating about your light.
Shiny new bike. Do you ride on the back?
Lovely finishes!
Have a great week!

Anne said...

Love that bike! Wow!!! Adorable birdies know you can never have enough!! Sorry to hear about your bulb :(

Catherine said...

Ugh on the light!! Great bike!! And cute stitches!!