Monday, August 13, 2012

Most of My Bird Patterns!

Well, after talking about how many birds are in my flock for ages and because I keep threatening to count how many more patterns I have left...may I introduce the rest of the flock!

Plum Street Samplers
Christmas tea and My Pretties
Heart in Hand
St Patrick's Bird and Easter Bird
Button Up Birdies and All Through the Night
HomeSpun Elegance and Erica Michaels
I have a couple more patterns that I can't find. And I just discovered I need Button Up Birdies #5! More stash to get :) That makes about 15 more to add. I better get busy! 

Got my camera from Mom's. Here's an updated picture of the birthday girls ~

The light looks funny in Alivia's eye - both the kids get horrible red eye in pictures. Here's a better one of the baby.

My aunt and uncle are just back from Alaska and brought her a new shirt! Doesn't she just look ornery??

Took Mom to lunch and now I need to take her gift over. UPS just delivered. 

Have a wonderful day!


Parsley said... flock to stitch! Happy birthday to both 'girls'. :)

Linda said...

We can never have enough patterns. Love all the birds.


paula said...

And the birthday girls do resemble each other :0}

Mouse said...

love the Christmas tea one.... and awwww the birthday girls look lovely :) hope mum liked the present :)
love mouse xxxx

Catherine said...

Great birds stash and what a great picture of the birthday girls!

Karyn said...

Wow, look at all those fabulous birds! You will be a happy and busy gal, my dear. I just love them all, but those Heart in Hand birds just make me smile with their long legs :)
Gorgeous birthday girls, thanks for the happy pics, I just love the two of them together, those are priceless pics.
Have a great day

Anne said...

Look at all your bird charts! I adore those button up birdie ones. I made the robin one for my Nana, another bird lover, and it sits on her mantlepiece. Lovely photos of your family too!