Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just Because I Could!

What it comes down to is - I lied. I didn't go back to the lighthouse. No, I started yet another bird pattern. Was gonna post this morning but was too close to a finish. I waited.

Blackbird Sampler
by Blackbird Designs
28 ct Lugana Platinum
Recommended Floss
As you can see I changed it a bit. Sorry, I use flickr now for my photos and these are not clickable to enlarge. Changed it to my name, the correct year, and the bird's wing.

Rob and I were not fond of the abc, 123, wxyz on the wing. So, I added more flowers. And I am weird about having someone else's name on my projects. Whether it's ego or some ocd - not sure.

The Olympics are now over. Best television in 2 yrs! Now to wait another 2 years. As much as I enjoyed each and every hour watching - it's time to get back to real life. My butt can't take this much tv. I swear I gained 4 pounds. England, you did a fantastic job hosting - thanks for having us over!

Another week is about to start and in less than 2 hours my Mom will be 62 and my niece will be 2. Left my camera at Mom's or I would show you how much Alivia has grown. (Used Rob's birthday camera for this photo.)

In case you don't remember - my Mom was born Aug 13th at 12:27am in Canton, Oh. My sister had preeclampsia and had to have Alivia about 8 weeks early. Alivia was born Aug 13th at 12:30am in Canton, Oh - same hospital! Alivia was 2 pounds and 9 oz. She is now a perfectly healthy normal little girl. Small but when your parents aren't over 5'6" you don't expect the baby to be big. :)

Needless to say - Keri won the best present for Mom's birthday that year!

Well, time for bed - hope your week is fabulous!


April said...

Great finish Denise!! I love anything designed by BBD. That is so great about your mom and alivia sharing the same Birthday!

Mouse said...

heheheh another bird soooo did you count them up ???
love the changes you made and I do like to see my initials or my own name on something ... not vain either but If I have put the time and effort I want to peeps to know I did that
and awwww bless her cotton socks ... hope they both have a wonderful birthday :)
love mouse xxxxx

Marlene said...

Very proud to be British at this point, games were brilliant, perfect 16 days, well done to USA top of the medal table.

Shari said...

great finish! Love it...
happy birthday to your mom & niece...
can we have an instant replay of the Olympics? I missed way too much of them!!!

Vickie said...

Beautiful! I am weird about other people's names on my pieces too. :)

Ma Teakettle said...

Happy Bday to your Mom and Alivia (I adore her name), hoping that they have the best birthdays ever.
Blackbird Sampler is just gorgeous, I love love love the bird, and I adore your changes! Wow :)
Have a great day!

Parsley said...

I like the way you stitched it! Well done!

Krista said...

Love your new finish and changes you made. Very pretty bird! :)

paula said...

FLickr hint . . . unless someone has told you already.

When you choose the photo you want, chose it in Medium or Large. Then, scale it down after you post it on here. This should make it clickable to a larger size.

Happy Birthday to Mom and Alivia :0}

Only special dates in our fmily is Feb 24 . . parents anniversary and nephew's birthday . . Oh, and my Tavish was born on the 24th of Feb too :0}

rosek1870 said...

Love your new finsh and the changes you made!! You are just making me want to buy more birds! Back to work today full time UGH! I really need to retire!

Happy Birthday to your mom and niece! What a great family story!

Chris said...

Great finish Denise! I like the way that you adapted the design. I think that this was probably easier to stitch on during the Olympics instead of trying to follow the lighthouse chart.
Have a great week! Birthday wishes to the girls!

Catherine said...

Another bird I love!! Love how you changed it to suit you as well.
Happy Birthday wishes to your mom and to Alivia!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The bird is great!

Great Britain thanks you for your thanks LOL.

And Happy Birthday to your tiny niece. I'm only 5ft 2 but my last boy was 7lbs at 34weeks and 10lb by the time he arrived!! ouch. My tummy entered the room 5 minutes before I did.

Mindi said...

Love the finish, and the changes you made. I'm like you, I'm a bit bothered by having other people's names on what I stitch. If its a reproduction sampler, then I try to find a way to stitch both names.