Friday, August 3, 2012

CalamityJr Needs Help!

I got an urgent text this morning from CalamityJr (Mary Jane) - she needs your help! Seems her computer has caught a bug and is sending everyone in her address book mass emails. She has run a virus scan and wonders what else she may need to do to get rid of the bug. If anyone has an answer - could you email her?? If you don't have her email address - send me your directions and I'll forward them to her.


This post almost started with the title of  "Had S.E.X." But I thought someone might misunderstand and get upset. My mailman brought me a little package this morning. The other day I happened to be looking for some fabric for Mary Jane's 272 Words project and hoped 123Stitch might have it on sale. They didn't, but they did have some grab bags of 28/32 ct even weave. I grabbed two! And shoot while I was there - I thought why not get a pattern too. 

Got several white pieces and a few black. But, the other colors more than made up for those. Finally, I buckled under and bought the last Button Up Birdies. I have the others. Geez...what I need to stitch...more birds! lol

Have gotten to stitch a few days and page 4 is about half done. Not going at the speed I would like but I can't  watch the Olympics and stitch. Multi-tasking is not working. 

Can't believe it's the weekend already. Where did this week go? Sounds like Ohio might be getting rain this weekend. Yippee! 

Hope today finds you with a needle in hand and stitches in your linen! 


rosek1870 said...

I will ask DH tonight about the computer problem. He does internet security for a living and should know if there is anything else to do. Love those button-up birdies! They are on my wish list! I can't seenm to get anything from 123 stitch without grabbing a pattern or 2 while I'm there. Have a great weekend (we will be "festing" at Musikfest if we can stand the heat!

stitcheranon said...

Hi, it is unlikely to be a virus: computers abroad go through email accounts and randomly try passwords (at high speed) until there is a match and then they hijack the email account. All she needs do is change her security details: her user name and password and try to make it harder to no name, no dob etc. Good luck.

Anne said...

Great new stash haul Denise. I bought a grab bag like you as well but didn't get as nearly as many pieces as you?!? And I also bought a pattern while I was at it! Love the button up birdies and stitching lots of birds is a good thing!

CalamityJr said...

Thanks for your help. But, ummm... Stash Enhancement eXcitement???

Bernadette PARIS said...

Yes , yes ! it's the weekend !!!

Lesleyanne said...

Great new stash. Sorry can't help with the computer problem.