Monday, July 30, 2012

Numb Butt Prevails But Alas No Stitching!

Yes, my butt is numb once again and I've not a stitch to show. Seems I can't watch every blessed event in the Olympics and stitch at the same time. I MUST see every flip, twirl, splash, arrow, and paddle do its thing. Yesterday was archery and a bit of fencing during the day. Today found me watching water polo, kayaking, volleyball, and swimming. My evening is constant sports! And I'm loving every minute of it! lol

My hubby reached the milestone of 50 over the weekend. We were going to enjoy a meal but his work interfered. He worked from 6a Friday until midnight. He got home and crashed most of Saturday. Sunday found him working another 12 hour shift. My dinner plans were gone. 
DH with his new camera.
So, today I'm in the kitchen. Would you like to see what I've whipped up so far? This first picture is the soup I'm serving as my appetizer. Then we'll have a small salad.

Three Cheese Tortellini Soup
Then the second appetizer will be a tomato-basil grilled shrimp. The marinade is in the fridge already - shrimp will be added about 45 minutes before we eat.

Up next - Omaha Steak's filet mignon and baked potato. Followed by -

Lemon Curd
Lemon Ricotta Cake
The cake just came out of the oven. The picture of the lemon curd is my first ever attempt at tempering eggs. And I did it perfectly the first time. Completely beginners luck! The taste is shivering good. The curd is the stuff between the layers. As soon as the dishes finish - icing time. 

Now to get the man home before 8pm! So, what do you think - will the eating be good tonight? 

Hope today finds you as happy as it found me! 


Deborah said...

Looks like a fabulous birthday meal!

Melissa said...

MMMM! Looks delicious!!!

CalamityJr said...

Everything looks delicious, and I'm sure it will be! As for the stitching, it IS hard to truly watch the events and stitch at the same time, isn't it? Oh, well - we'll have to wait two or four more years, depending on your sports preferences, so we might as well watch it while we can!

paula said...

Thanks for making my mouth water!

Everything sounds good to me.

Teresa said...

Glad you are enjoying watching the Olympics. Your meal looks delicious, save me a piece of cake.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Shari said...

Happy Birthday to your husband....gosh, so sorry he had to work so much on his special day..
the food looks wonderful!!! Can I have some of the shrimp?!?!?! :>) Enjoy the Olympics...right there with ya!!!

Chris said...

Looks like a perfect birthday meal for your husband!

Maggee said...

Heck--made my tummy growl just looking at all that yummy food! Congrats to Hubby! Hugs!

Vickie said...

Yummy! Happy Birthday to you Hubby!

Natasha said...

What a wonderful meal!! Holy smokes you made me hungry from those pictures. I hope your hubby got to rest and enjoy that delisious meal you prepared.

Mindi said...

Lovely meal, but I'm so sorry work interfered with the plans.

Anne said...

Wow Happy Birthday to your hubby!! Too bad he had to work all day :( Yum...can I come over to eat that tortellini soup and that lemon ricotta cake?!? Delish!!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to your dear husband!! His dinner sure sounded delicious ~ hope he made it home in time to enjoy!