Friday, July 6, 2012

The Last 24 Hours - Wow!

Wanted to post yesterday but my computer charger went haywire and wouldn't charge. No way I could try to post with 9% of my battery left! lol Had to order a new one and have it shipped for delivery today. Ouch - the shipping charges were half the cost of the new charger.

Mary Jane (CalamityJr) sent me a belated birthday gift. It arrived in perfect condition and the wrapping was perfect - I love blue and green together. Not only that but after unwrapping - I know I would have waited months for her gifts. She nailed my likes to a T!

Didn't realize the card and gift on the left were upside down until loading the picture - oops!

Notice the card has a birdie on it too! This pattern was on my wish list at 123Stitch and I thought it was cute but after seeing it in my home - it's adorable! She even got me the buttons and floss to do it. See the pillow - no, can't see it well enough...hold on.

See her initials?

Happy Birthday 2012 is written in the 'grass'
And check out the bead work for finishing! Absolute perfection! And it matches my patriotic pillows perfectly. When we were texting yesterday she asked the unfair question, "Which side do you like better?" How in the world to answer that question? Like I told her the crow fits in with my other birdies but the flowers match up with the spring flower pillows I have...I love both sides! Right now the crow is looking at me from my shelf. Thank you so very much Mary Jane for my birthday gifts - I love them all.

Since I now had a new pattern in my stash and I was completely in love with it - I needed to finish the project I was currently working on.

Little Liberty
Lizzie Kate kit
28ct linen (can't remember color)
Had this frame sitting around from another piece that I had made into a pillow. I love the way this frame fits the piece.

I was a little out of sorts trying to stitch because this was happening in my yard -

Not one but two tree services were in my yard. The white truck's crew had decided to camp in my yard and climb a 70' tree to trim it. They were here for nearly 12 hours. Not going to mention the name of the company but they sat more than worked, did a HORRIBLE job cutting back the tree, and had a rude/crude crew.

Now, the orange truck's crew came in because DH and I had found a 'widow-maker' tree. In the storms last week the top of a tree had broken off and was stuck nearly 20' in the air. Orange truck crew came in and in 20 minutes had the tree down, cut up, and were leaving. The crew was polite, quick, and pleasant.

I found it amazing with the power outages still in the area that both crews were in my yard trimming trees when I thought they should have been helping restore power. Guess I don't have the same priorities.

Today found me babysitting...outside..with children 5 and 1. We were all hot, cranky, hungry, and getting tired. They have been fed, had drinks, and are now sleeping. I feel more human myself.

Please anyone having to be out in this heat - take care and drink plenty! Not sure how many records are set to be broken today but wow! Standing in the shade with a breeze and still sweating - this weather is not fit for man or beast.

Another weekend is upon us - fireworks tomorrow night. Maybe. Otherwise, our plans are to be in the house with the a/c on.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!


Vickie said...

Hi Denise! Such lovelies from Mary Jane. The frame is perfect. :) Trying to stay cool in Wisconsin, currently 103! :(

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

What a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend. Kudos to you both.
as always

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous gift received. Love your finish and the frame is gorgeous.

Mouse said...

ohhhh gorgeous prezzie :) sorry to hear about the heat your end we should swap weather for a bit ... a total months rain in one / two days and severe flooding ... we can't get out one way from our wee town >> not sure about any other at the moment as only just got up
take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxx

Carol said...

Such a lovely present from Mary Jane--both sides are perfect!! And I really like your new WIP, Denise.

Our heat is supposed to break tomorrow--hope yours does as well. After this week anything in the 80s will feel cool!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your stitching is perfect! I love that L*K finish :)
And what a sweet gift to receive from CalamityJR. ;) (love your nails!)

Catherine said...

Love your finish and what a fabulous gift from MJ!! How could she expect you to pick a side!?!
Hope all tho crews are gone and you have some peace and quiet back! Enjoy your Sunday!

Brigitte said...

Oh, such a gorgeous birthday gift. So beautifully stitched and finished. Enjoy!

Lavendelhaus said...

Beautiful finishes. Sweet pillows.

Cesar Solano said...

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