Monday, June 18, 2012

Can We Just Say Phooey?

If these last few days of being 43 are any indication of what 44 holds for me...I prefer to not get another year older! With out going into the gory details - my right knee went haywire and then I got sick as a dog last night. Really? Is someone trying to tell me to not go to Cleveland?

So, Saturday went rather well only missed getting the groceries. And that was NOT a hardship for me. Does anyone else hate getting the groceries? We got to the graduation party and went to the lake. Made for a late night for DH as he had been up since 3:45am.

Yesterday, I believe DH had a good Father's Day. He didn't complain and he had food in front of him at his request. Plus he got to watch a movie. My man doesn't need much to make him happy.

This morning found my head spinning and the rest of me turning inside out. Cleveland is a no go. Can you imagine me getting sick in the middle of Akron? Oh good golly - not worth the risk. Feeling tons better than earlier and I think I pinned the issue down. My stupidity.

And tomorrow's dinner - it will be delayed. A high school friend of DH's died Friday. His calling hours are tomorrow evening from 6-8pm. DH needs to be there. It is quite a shock as his friend was only 51.

Since I was staying off the knee most of the weekend - I do have progress. Ha, how about a finish and another start? The patriotic stitching continues.

We The People
Erica Michaels
30ct Natural Linen
DMC Floss

Liberty - 1776
30 ct Cocoa
Recommended Hand dyed Floss
So, to make my cake or con someone else into doing it?? (Just called my mom and asked her to make my cake...she will!) I would still like to eat cake for breakfast tomorrow morning. At several of your suggestions, I may eat cake for all 3 meals and maybe a snack! :)

I'm off to find breakfast - when you turn inside out in the early morning - you tend to be hungry later. Go figure!

Hope today finds you healthy and smiling.


Natasha said...

Sorry to hear you could'nt make it up to cleveland. Better to be sick in the comfprt of your own home though.... I can't belive how fast your needles moved!! Holy smokes that was a fast finish, it turned out great btw.

Hopefully you are feeling better and eventually get to make the trip up to C-town. While I am in town I have already set aside a few hours to go to the LNS I have never been to that one so I am pretty excited :)
Take Care!

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about your knee! I hope to see you back on your feet soon!

Love the finish! I wish Canadian's were so patriotic at our neighbours :)

Happy Stitching!

Dawn said...

To one 44 year old gemini to another 44 year old, Happy Birthday! Mine was last week! Had to make my own cake too, lol.

Denise said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and your knee is on the mend. Sorry you couldn't make it to Cleveland. But look at the stitching you got done. Awesome.
Happy Stitching

Chris said...

i hope that you are feeling better, maybe you should blog about things after they are over. I think you jinxed the cake expedition. Just a theory :)
Mom cake is awesome too :)
Happy Birthday! Feel Better!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

well, my friend if you could get your paper work completed then I could sing you a song.... "If I would know your a coming, I'll be baking your cake, baking your cake, baking your cake. " Cheers to a wonderful Tuesday with Many Happy Returns.
As always

Maggee said...

Hope the whatever has now passed! Happy Birthday to you, happy happy happy!! We the People is gorgeous! Lovely finish! And the next one is probably half done by now! Hugs!

Catherine said...

Hope all the yucks have passed and that you are back in the swing of things.