Sunday, May 6, 2012

Way To Go Guys!

Wanted to show off the family all dressed up (for us!) and ready for graduation. I must not have said but both of my kids graduated Friday night along with my sister.

Rob and I

Lt to Rt - Courtney, Logan, and Keri

My family
My I present the newest alumni to Kent State University. Courtney - Associate of Science, Logan - Associate of Science, and Keri - Associate of Nursing!

In case you wondered - I got everything done Friday except going to Applebee's for a late dinner. Logan needed to leave before the pinning ceremony was over for Keri.

But, yesterday was a day from Hades. Logan left for work and we started on the bathroom. Rob pulled the sink vanity and medicine cabinet from the wall. I cleaned under the sink and that was nasty - it's amazing how much stuff accumulates under a cabinet in 12 years. While cleaning up that mess we decided we need to replace the linoleum because it was stained. While Rob went to town to get all the newest supplies - I primed the wall where the vanity and medicine cabinet had lived, pulled the linoleum (mean mean job), painted some trim. After Rob got home we continued on scraping the floor. Then I got to put on the floor leveler while he did some drywall stuff.

Today's agenda - pull the toilet, replace some flooring that we found needed attention and place new floor, dry cut the new linoleum, put down adhesive and place linoleum, do some drywall patch, sand and then paint wall, place sink vanity and spigot, and mow the grass.

Told the boy that I am excited about his upcoming party but also looking forward to it being over. I need a day to do nothing!

Rob is moving on the drywall spackle which means I need to get off here! Have a wonderful day and keep pulling those stitches for me!


Mouse said...

ohhhh well done to all .... look lovely in their cap and gowns and love the photos of you too :)
hope you got all done and dusted with the bathroom
love mouse xxxx

Tracey said...

Whew... I'm tired just reading that post LOL. Just keep thinking, "it will be SO nice when it's done."

Great family pictures!! Congratulations to all the graduates!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of your family.
Congrats to your son and daughter - you must be very proud.

Hope you get sorted with your decorating and you can have your day off!

paula said...

WHEW! I'm tired just reading what you and Rob are doing.

AS Mom always said, "You all clean up nice."

Catherine said...

Congrats to everyone! You must be so proud. And phew, you sure have been busy around the house. I'm sure you'll be glad when it is all done!

Linda said...

Great pics of the family Denise. Congrats to all the graduates.


rosek1870 said...

I think we are living the same lives lol. We were out picking out bathroom stuff on Saturday! We spent the day at Home Depot. The only thing we are doing that you aren't is the tub and enclosure. The tile is falling off the wall so the tub and tile is leaving and a new shower is going in.
My youngest Devin is graduating from Misericordia University on Sat. May 19th. It is almost 2 hours from our house and Andy's mom is coming so lots of arranging to do.

Congrats and your family (and you look great)!!

Autumn said...

What a nice family you have! Okay..I have a headache just thinking about remodeling. Hope it goes well.

Marlene said...

It's nice to have good family photo's, hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and after all the work you have done, you deserve a fun time.

Carol said...

Congratulations to all! I can tell how proud you are from your big smile, Denise :)

Teresa said...

What a lovely looking family. You should be very proud.
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