Thursday, May 10, 2012

Many Thanks!

I would like to thank everyone 
who has left such kind comments 
these last couple of weeks. 
Please accept my apologies 
for not replying to each one individually. 
My inbox is overflowing! 
Thank you for keeping my spirits up 
with my lack of stitching! 

Thought I would stop by my poor neglected blog and say hi to everyone. I've breezed through some of your blogs to see what you have been doing and to catch up with your lives. I've left very few comments though. I promise after this month I'll be a better blogger friend. 

Stitched for a bit yesterday morning. Think it's about time to close down my stitching room for the coming week. There are too many things little ones could get into in that room. 

We went flower shopping last night. I think I left some money in the checking account. It might be on life support this morning. But, the flowers are pretty. If I think of it - I'll grab the camera and snap a few pictures to show later.

Must get moving - my morning is slipping away! 


paula said...

Did I tell you I am LOVING seeing the pictures of the cardinals progress . . . when I can see the last pix with the present pix, it makes me happy.

Anonymous said...


Glad you managed to get some stitching in. I'm really looking forward to seeing Red Birds finished.

Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy your new flowers.

mdgtjulie said...

Ooooooh, flowers. I can't wait to see, Denise. Glad you're keeping your spirits up!!