Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Idea!

I would like to thank Karen at 
awesome idea...
since summer is fast approaching 
she is going to sneak in a few 
Americana patterns into her rotation. 

With that in mind, I think some stash fondling should commence this morning. I have gone into my stitching room the last few days and pulled a few stitches only to think. "I need to do ..." and get back up and leave. The urge to sit and stitch has left me and I found myself (hold on to your chair) bored while stitching. What has happened to me?? 

Red Birds is so close to a finish that I should spend the day trying to finish it. The very thought makes me want to do laundry, dishes, the sweeping, and go do those errands. My mind has warped. Eagads, I NEED to go play with the stash and get those red, white, and blue patterns I love so much! 

My house is finally back to normal. Meaning those chores listed above need done and everything isn't perfectly placed where I want it. Guess I like the house to be casual. Yeah - casual. lol

Still have all the flatware, plates, and folding chairs out. Sunday finds more people here for dinner. I pray the heat will have broken by Sunday night. Doubt it though - the blasted weatherman is calling for summertime temps. 

Since I feel inspired to go play - I think that's what I'm off to do!
Hope today finds you inspired to play!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

wow, dig in and stitch away, and that front porch will be a perfect place to enjoy your time. Congrats on pulling of one very busy weekend and kudos to everyone down there at Riverside Stitching.
Be always in stitches.

Anonymous said...


Enjoy your stash fondling!
It's red hot here so was inspired to do a bit in the garden.

Happy stitching!

Anonymous said...

I too find a sense of boredom happening when I reach a certain point in my WIPs that are nearly is a perplexing thing. LOL But I have seemed to beaten it with randomly playing a video game or crocheting. Once they are sated, I can usually continue on. It's rainy and chilly still here.

paula said...

I always get bored with my stitching or crocheting when summer feels like it has arrived. All I want to do is sit outside and enjoy the weather on the swing.

Karen said...

Well cool.... don't you hate it when you have too much to stitch and not enough time???? Hope you find some goodies to stitch and can't wait to see your progress.

happy stitching....

Maggee said...

I saw Karen's post and thought the same--I should pull out more patterns! But I have kind of decided on what I am doing this YEAR already! Oh well, what's a few more!! I like my house casual too! Hugs!

mdgtjulie said...

I hope you enjoyed playing in your stash! (I like to do that sometimes too. It's such fun to see all the things I have, and have forgotten about!!) I hope your urge to stitch comes back soon, and that your chores get done. Eventually... I wish I could buy a little fairy that would clean my house for me, lol. Or a big fairy. Heck, any kind of cleaning thing would do as long as I don't have to do it, lol. I'll hope for cooler weather for you, but can't say it'll happen!

Catherine said...

Looking forward to seeing what you found to stitch! Hope your weekend has gone well. It's been a hot one here!