Monday, April 9, 2012


It's still Monday. I have 40 minutes to get this post done and posted or I'm late once again this week!

Going to start with some rambling thoughts ~~

Happy Easter -Yep, a day late and dollar short on that one. But, I was busy (drag that word out and add a whine). Hope everyone had a wonderful day and had the chance to give thought to what you have to be grateful for.

Happy Birthday! - This goes out to Mary Jane (CalamityJr). She had a birthday yesterday! I'm ashamed of myself for not posting and letting everyone have the chance to email and wish her a wonderful day. So, if I could encourage you, please send her a belated birthday wish if you happen to have her email or leave a comment on this post and I'll make sure she sees them!

Read a great book - Loved it so much I am reading it again. If you like Nicholas Sparks or Richard Paul Evans - try reading Lisa Wingate. I've been reading her Blue Sky Hill series and can't get enough. Dandelion Summer just grabs you. As I read the story I would then tell it to Rob. In the end (last 50 or so pages) I just read it out loud to him. We'd watch DWTS and as soon as it cut to commercial - I was reading again. Hated to see the book end.

Rude People - What's up with some people saying 'You're welcome' or 'Thank-you'?  Are manners something from the past? Went to the grocery store today and man oh man the people were unfriendly. Not the employees - the customers. Geez!

Coyotes - What's the deal that they have moved into my neighborhood? Mom took her dog out last night and it started barking like mad and wouldn't listen to Mom. (it's a chihuahua and she never listens to Mom) After getting the spotlight and seeing what the dog was barking about - Mom about peed her pants. The thing was bigger than a german shepherd. The part that upsets me - we are in a rather well lit area and it didn't care. Bold wild animals give me the willies.

Alright - I'm ready to show my update for the week. I was determined to finish the magnolias this week. Finished them up yesterday morning.

Maybe this week I can get some leaves on this baby! The male bird is just to the right of that flower and I'm saving him for last. I mean the last thing I do on this page of the pattern. Then I can just go right into the last section with a bang!

Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to leave a comment about my porch. Wish we could all get together out there and bbq and stitch. What a great way to spend a day!

It's late and still Monday - made my goal! Phew.
Hope Tuesday brings all your dream to you!


Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your gorgeous project.

dulcinella said...

this piece looks so delicate and wonderful! Congratulations on your finish! Hope you have a week with friendlier people, no wild animals and lots of reading and stitching!

Sherry said...

Just found your blog. Love the piece you are working on. I think my Mom would love it too. But I'm working on a HAED right now. How crazy was I? Thanks for the book recommendation too. I love to read and will be checking her out.

Carol said...

I'm just loving following along on this piece, Denise--wonderful work :)

Vicki said...

Your project is so gorgeous. Each week's progress just adds to the overall beauty of it.

Linda said...

Wow. That piece is gorgeous. You have gotten so much done. I love it.


Catherine said...

Looking good ~ this is such a pretty piece!!
Happy birthday to MJ!!!